15 minutes passed. We’re still here. I only wish that time passes slower, because this is all I get with you now. A moment shared. Not completely owned, not all ours, but still a moment we had. To you, I probably look distant, but my soul is all into you. My ears focused on your Read More

I knew what it was. And I knew I’d cry. and I knew it’d be so¬†embarrassing. I must get out. Go somewhere quiet, because I cannot draw attention. Not when I am feeling like this. All the feelings I’ve been trying to run from, trying to hide just hit me in one shot. Maybe its Read More

It had been months if not years that I hadn’t socialized at all. Janice invited me to her housewarming party. I decided to go. I didn’t have anything appropriate to wear, so I went to Rcity Mall to buy a good dress for the party. I reached there at 5 in the evening. And the Read More

Suddenly I feel weight in my body. I zap back into reality. I could here mom in the kitchen, and the tv playing and realized that it was just a Vision. One of those visions, which mean something. It left me with a feeling. Some sort of desperation. An insecurity, that I was going to Read More

I felt weightless. You were carrying me. My arms were around your neck. You were looking at me. With a look that said, that life was gonna stop here. That today is the last day sun will rise. That time had stopped. And it was just us. Far out here in the Forrest. Our crimson Read More

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