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About this blog

The trouble with me is I am a perfectionist. I also have a learning style that is hands on. While I have made and published a few e-books on Lulu lately, I want to learn to do so perfectly. It occured to me that if I made a blog, you could either learn with me, or if you are a dab hand at e-book creation, add your comments.

Starting with making a pdf

Just to start us off I will tell you I am using Libre Office and Calibre. I really do not mind where my e-books end up as long as they will earn in some way.  Actually, I am going to use material from an e-book I am making about making an e-book.

A PDF is easiest

For a long time, I did not understand the mechanics of an e-book so if I put anything into print I used a PDF. A PDF is easy enough to do as you just convert your written and formatted hardback or paperback.

PDF Makers are easy to use

On Libre Office I have this handy function that allows me to make a PDF of my books quite easily.  I suppose it is always worth doing that and I actually find that doing so highlights mistakes I made when self editing. I usually upload the pdf to calibre to see how the book will look in other formats.

With a PDF the main advantages I find is that the book can appear pretty much as you formatted it for offline use. You keep the page numbers and also the photos you use generally look nicer than when they are in hard print. Using colour for an offline book is far too expensive even if you use a do it yourself publisher.

So, let;s begin a discussion about PDF’s.Probably most of us are familiar with making them, but there still might be something to learn. How useful are they these days?   Where are you selling yours?  I am sure there are more experienced people who can chip in. Look on this blog as a self-help group and a way to help others, including me.

Let’s get really good at this together.

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