Snow White and Rose Red


Today we went to see a production of “Snow White and Rose Red” at the B Street Theater where we went to see The Flying Machine.  I will have to be honest with you, it’s been a long time since I read the story of Snow White and Rose Red, so I don’t know exactly how accurate it was, but it was some hearty entertainment. The best thing about the B Street Theater, I’m quickly discovering, is how incredibly inventive they are with their props and their sets.  They have very little room to work with, but they make the best out of their space, and the costumes, props, and lighting help set the stage so well. Those stacks of boxes in the picture actually lowered down like a Murphy bed and became a little stage on the stage, it was such a smart and creative use of their space!

Now, I  didn’t really sell this too hard to the kids. I merely said “Hey, don’t forget, we’ve got that play to go to tomorrow” and to be honest I sort of side stepped the inquiries as to what it was called.  If there’s anything you don’t want to say to two boys it’s “Hey, don’t forget, we’re going to see that play tomorrow about 2 sisters.”  Now I can’t really blame them for the reaction they would have had because  I did make them sit through 9 viewings of Frozen including the sing-a-long version.  The hear  the words “sisters” or “princesses” and all of a sudden there are 2 child shaped holes in the door and some dust clouds unfurling toward me.

What I have loved about the two shows that we’ve seen at the B Street Theater is that they focus a lot on the central theme of family and love for family.  What’s even better is that they put in so much to the play where the kids can easily identify with the characters because the actors play the parts of siblings or children SO well that the kids recognize the dynamic and are instantly drawn in.

I watched my boys laugh over the antics of the sisters, the subtle sarcasms from one character, and that moment the “truth” is revealed.  They were completely engrossed in it.  It’s not Broadway, but I adore any exposure I can give my kids to theater, arts, music and I’m always pleasantly surprised when they enjoy it as much as I do.

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