Yes, We Colored Today

One of the things I used to love to do when I was in college was color. It might sound like kid stuff, but it’s actually really therapeutic. While I haven’t actually done any research on the subject, I know how it works for us.  I was really surprised when I sat down at our kitchen table and offered the kids 6 different pictures to color from a mosaic book on the internet, that the kids didn’t whine one bit about it being babyish or silly although Zach did say that he was going to take his down when his friend came over.

Something wonderful happened when we colored.  It was almost as if we were channeling our stress through the crayons and turning frustrations into something creative and beautiful instead.  Our hands were busy, but our minds were free to talk and we were able to have a chat, not about school stuff necessarily, but just about life, Christmas, the general state of the world.  There was no right or wrong and each turned theirs into something personal, including logos or depictions of their favorite things on the internet (an Achievement Hunter logo for Zach and a Diamond Pick Axe for Sean) even though those things didn’t really belong with the picture.  It was probably nice for there to be something they could do where there was no right or wrong, there was just some enjoyment from the activity.

I colored one too and it was just as cathartic for me. I love to color, but the only books I have are Frozen based and my kids preferred to color pictures of stained glass trees and apples to yet another picture of Elsa and Anna.

Now, I’m not saying the secret to home school is coloring, but it sure was beneficial today as Zach was in a great mood, got 99.9% of his Algebra work right and Sean worked happily on his math and zoomed through it with ease.


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