Is Johnny Depp Being Stitched Up?

I loathe gold diggers and I’ve met a few (both male and female) and they are vultures to be around, but is Amber Heard one? I also find airing your laundry in public undignified and distasteful. Most acrimonious divorces can be settled via the lawyers, even celebrity ones, but it does appear Heard is ‘leaking’ things to the media as well as releasing photos to gain sympathy or maybe to self destruct her own career and reputation?

I’m not a fan of Johnny Depp; I’ve seen a couple of films and that’s it and not because he was in them. In fact he ruined Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but does a man who was obviously having a mid-life crisis, and was foolish not to have a prenup deserve to have his private life splashed all over the media so his estranged wife can claim a large proportion of his fortune?

The red flags started to wave when the laughable apology video to the Australians was broadcast in April, when Heard was charged with smuggling in her dogs and falsifying information. Depp didn’t need to be in the video as it was her crime; she was visiting Depp, but consciously chose not to declare the dogs because she thought she could get away with it. Then she blamed her assistant, but when you sign a form, you take responsibility and that’s called adulthood. She knew what she was doing was wrong, and they even ask you verbally if you have anything to declare, and obviously lied. It appears Depp stood by her reluctantly, hence the lack of sincerity and annoyance he displayed in the video.

No one knows the truth as yet, however, Heard’s camp seem to to have a process from a plan as each day something is revealed. Surely she would be better off making a deal and then parting ways as most celebrities do? More red flags start waving when her alleged bruise disappeared the next day, and if you had been attacked the night before, do you really attend a party and not tell anyone what happened? Even with makeup there would be swelling. How can anyone verify the photos are genuine? Was she treated or examined by an independent medial professional who can verify it was an injury and not the work of a makeup artist?

Suddenly the abuse allegations were dropped, but now texts between Heard and Depp’s assistant from 2014 were obtained? Again, these can be doctored and faked. The assistant has not come forward to verify them, and if you look at the texts, you will notice there is text speak and the odd typo, but the punctuation is near perfect. Anyone who texts, and if they are angry doesn’t use commas in the correct place, or even a period. It doesn’t look like a normal text as many people don’t usually use periods for a message, and barely anyone uses quotation marks that Heard uses on one message. Only business texts are usually meticulously structured, and I have a hard time believing Heard actually wrote those herself if she was upset, in fact any human that is upset would not think about commas and quotation marks, or even using capitals.

Then there is he demand for spousal support to keep Heard in the lifestyle she is now accustomed to. It’s only been a year, two at most and she can readjust easily to the life she had before; that she has know for the other 28 years of her life. The sad fact is that Depp is being dragged through the mud, and he retains a dignified silence. His friends and family have come out in support of him, and while as a female I despise any abuse whether mental or physical, but deception is as bad. While many say he may not have been abusive in his former relationships, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t capable. Maybe he was abused too and is keeping quiet? I have a friendship with a couple where they both have abused one another (now separated), and he kept quiet about her abuse to him, but showed me his defensive wounds, and I believed him as he was too afraid to sleep in the house. She got him arrested a number of times, but he never publicly told anyone of her abuse; only a few of us knew, and that he may well have been defending himself.

Behind closed doors no one knows except the parties involved. I am sure if there was proof Depp’s lawyers would seem more concerned for a quick settlement, but they appear calm, because proof is more than texts, hearsay, or photos—none of which can be authenticated. If Heard was abused, she needs medical records, police reports, and independent witnesses to have a case. It does seem to be all about the money; if Depp gives her what she wants, I’m sure all of this was stop immediately. People are disillusioned into thinking all famous celebrities are well off; many live job to job, which is why a television series is a good option as it’s regular work and means a stable income for a while. What happens behind closed doors should stay there, and obviously Heard thought financially it was worth the risk of ruining Depp’s reputation, but instead she has killed her own. Will Hollywood want her still as a minor actress? She maybe well known, but for all the wrong reasons and not her talent.

Why I Avoid Website Owners And Moderators That Aren’t Bright

Warning: Rant alert.

In the last couple of years I have been using more forums for information, and to see what the general public think, and read comments from users. Some are enlightening, and others scary to see that there are racist, prejudiced, and quite simply stupid people out there who have access to a computer and the internet. However, moderators are usually people that a site owner knows or has found willing to work for free to interact with posters, respond to comments, keep trolls at bay, and to delete spam. Some see it as a power trip, and one forum I was on the moderator bullied, and ridiculed posters that many openly complained and left the forum. Despite this the owner kept him on because he was too busy. What this person was doing was banning anyone that didn’t agree with them and deleted their posts. In the end I left too because of rude comments he made about me, so a moderator can do more harm than good. Eventually the said moderator was either pushed or went off in a huff, and the new moderator tried to email everyone to return, but five months is a bit too long to figure out your audience was right and this was a forum on intelligence.

There are other websites that I find amateur and unprofessional and I just don’t bother with them. Besides the odd typo on the site, some are small set ups trying to look like a big business. My recent attempt to use dealspotr, has come to an end after a few days after they removed a posting saying a discounted item wasn’t an offer, and you can’t reason with people that haven’t a clue what they are doing. I’m not going to waste my time posting things (you have to add a screenshot as well of the offer being used) when someone arbitrarily removes it because of what they think. Another issue with the site is that the moderators appear to be American, with no clue of what other people in world use as terms for discounts. While it maybe a culture issue, a good company has staff that are culturally aware, and sadly I find most Americans aren’t when they think England is another name for Europe. It’s very probable that the users of the site may not that bright either, so if they flag an offer because they can’t follow instructions, that’s not your fault either. At first I thought I must have done something wrong, but I used all the codes and followed my instructions, but now realize for some people that is hard.

Another thing I loathe is websites that chop and change their rules whenever they want. Of course they are allowed to as it’s their site, but that is the behavior of a child and not a professional. Professional websites make an announcement and then implement changes in a given time frame. Recently I came across a website owner who was banned on numerous sites for spamming his site, and on his own site he bad mouthed other sites, and changed his rules on his site several times a week. These are the kind of sites to avoid. There was a task site I was once on, registered allegedly in a prominent area, but I found it was a small scale run business that wasn’t a scam, but bordered on it. There was no contact email for queries, and the contact form was a 404 error for several months. Clearly not a well-run company, and someone small trying to look big. I found their email only via the PayPal address they had used to pay me. What company online has no contact form or email address?

This is one of the reasons I also avoid Yahoo (I still have some old email accounts there) as they don’t moderate comments on the atrociously bad new stories they have with mainly click and bait headers, and why I won’t use online sites that hire people who are just going to delete things when they are unqualified or have low intelligence. It does appear anyone thinks they can be a website owner or moderator, and while they can, it doesn’t mean they are good, or that they know how to do their job. A title means very little when you are incapable of performing the job in hand. Reputation counts for everything, and that’s something a successful site owner knows, and not for the small minded, get rich quick egotistical owner.

Is Postloop Worth The Effort?

There are days I enjoy being on Postloop, and other days when I just log off. Postloop is a site where forum and blog owners pay for content for their site. It is advertised as a post exchange site, where each post is worth a point (but bonus points are available), then once 100 points are reached you can cash out for $5. It is simple and straightforward, but there are pros and cons, hence why this is middle of the road for me.

To sign up for Postloop you have to make at least 10 test posts, or threads in the portal which are evaluated, and if the admin considers your standard is acceptable you are given a rating and then are allowed to join and post in other forums. Joining other forums is based on your rating where 5 is the highest. There are also bonus points on offer once your rating is at 4, on a sliding scale:

(4.00-4.24=0.25;4.25-4.49=0.35; 4.50-4.74=0.50; 4.75-4.99= 0.75; 5= 1 bonus point).

Trying to figure out the point system is hard, and basically when questioned, the owner says it’s too complicated to explain. The more points a forum has, the more points the poster will receive. Therefore forums that keep a low balance will never get a huge influx of writers because the points earned per post will be lower.

Earn Money Posting in Forums


Recently there have been some criticisms, especially as some owners have been banned for giving out too many high ratings among other things, and have set up their own post exchange sites based on a similar model. The sites however, have few forums on offer, but they also lack the quality of good writers that Postloop has. I’ve been with Postloop for nearly two years and made over 16,000 posts; I haven’t posted every day, but I used to be able to make $25 a week. Now it is $5 a week as the number of forums and blogs have decreased. For the critics, you learn to work around what you have, and accept the rules of the site. The owner Ryan is a man of few words, and is often direct, but he pays on time, and it’s his site and his rules.

The site has its flaws; yes, the standards are high, but some slip through the net. Apparently some people are desperate to get a Postloop account, and pay others to pass the test. This does ruin it for many, as forum owners with poor quality posts will then abandon the site. While one may say $0.05 per post isn’t much, in some countries $5 is a weekly wage, so you can see why people will fake it to make money, and have no consideration for the site business. There are also slightly crazy and rude forum and blog owners too to deal with—the lesson is to move on from them and ignore them, and not to take it personally. Most think they are experts and give out poor ratings, or delete posts they disagree with. You can’t control them, and can’t report them even if it’s unfair. Remember, most are novices, hence why they need to pay for content and traffic. A bad rating can mean lower earnings, and also fewer sites will be accessible too. I have had a handful of 5 ratings, and a nice batch of 4.8 and 4.9 ones too. My overall rating is 4.54 and the highest was 4.83, but the trick is to maintain a good average, which is calculated by the average of the last 10 ratings (or the average of 3 new ratings in a 30 day period).

Examples of unreasonable (for a nickel) requests include writing at least a paragraph, and one required 60% of the content to be new threads, or get banned. There is one crazy owner who edits nearly all the posts, and complains and threatens to ban anyone that uses any keywords in their posts. They read a book on SEO (probably a decade ago) and think they are now an expert. Another is so unhinged I won’t post on their forums, as they complain that everyone is stupid in the world (directed at you in their group messages and rules). This owner is rude and condescending, and posts questions on the support forum asking why people have stopped posting, and jokingly asking is it because they sound scary. No, the sane can see you are clearly mad, and don’t need a nickel that badly. They cry out you are being paid, but seriously what do you expect for $0.05? That’s the wrong attitude to take, because they are getting traffic and content on the cheap, and should really be grateful that people are willing to be paid so little for what they obviously could not get any other way—traffic and ranking of their websites is worth more than a few cents.

The rating system is one of the most discussed topics and how unfair it can seem. Apparently the admins do ‘check’ all ratings, but rarely remove bad ones, but will remove those that are deemed too high. The fact is when you post, know that it could be deleted and you won’t get any points, and that there is little you can do about it. The exceptions are if there are bugs in the system, and I have seen people reimbursed.

Right now the site is middle of the road, because you can make it work for you, but you do have to bite your tongue when a forum owner tells you your grammar is poor, when their own site is full of typos. You can sign up with my referral link if you wish, but the good thing is points don’t expire, and so you can go back and post whenever you want. Currently it seems in decline with few active interesting forums, and sadly people will post for the sake of it. I personally prefer to only post on ones I like, and where the owner is fair and sane. Getting upset over a deleted post and rating is not worth it in the long run, but it happens to most of us, and can seem like a personal attack. I have met some great online friends through Postloop, however, many are now inactive because there are fewer forums to participate in.

Who knows if things will pick up, or whether paid forum posting is slowly disappearing? You can read my other review on tips, and how to make the most of Postloop here. It’s worth joining if you have spare time, you like forums, have thick skin to put up with the demands of some crazy owners, understand and accept Ryan’s rules that can change , and can endure reading some stupid posts and comments, where it’s obvious people are posting for points. They slip through, and can either irritate you (as they do me), or you can ignore them and hope they get banned. Life is too short to interact with these people, but Postloop has helped me pay off my laptop, and the only issues I have had are with a couple of horrible forum owners, but then I look back and see all their sites have now folded. They never learned the number one rule of a good site; build up a community where members are welcomed and feel comfortable, rather than threaten them with bans and deducting points. The friendly sites are the ones more likely to succeed, and that’s just common sense.

Time in the Bathtub is Sacrosanct-Do Not Disturb!

Only a fool would disturb me while I soak in the bathtub for this is the most sacred place where I can relax and be 100% myself. It’s strictly off bounds for anyone to call or disturb me in anyway. My ideal bathtub is a freestanding one (with clawed feet), with the taps in the middle (so I can choose where to rest my head), deep with bubbles overflowing. The view would of course overlook the blue ocean, so that I could see the sun rise and set each time I float in the tub.

For some reason (besides using what seems to be an excessive amount of water, tip you can run half a bath) many Americans love their showers, and find using a tub is either too extravagant, or it takes too long to run. On the contrary in the UK, very few places only have showers, as most people have a shower attachment instead. People may ask how healthy is it to sit in your water, but if you bathe regularly then you’re not dirty, but having a daily cleanse. With showers you can’t wash properly, I mean how can you wash your feet properly balancing on a foot at a time and not fall over. How many people have fallen over and injured themselves in the shower? A friend slipped and fell and spent his honeymoon on crutches. There is the added factor if there isn’t much hot water, there’s nothing worse than running out and having a stream of cold water coming out of a shower. At least with a bath, you now see how much hot water there is and can make the most of it.

The fact is you need warm to hot water to properly wash, and if you put a facemask on or any other beauty treatment, the steam from the bath will relax the body, and open the pores in the skin. Quite simply you can’t put a facemask on in the shower, plus how can you relax? It’s also so much easier to exfoliate the body sitting down rather than balancing on each foot. There have been times when I have had no choice but to have a shower in some hotels or hostels, and I have survived, but it makes me appreciate having a bath all the more. You can image my dismay when I arrived at my American dorm to find only showers. My roommates laughed as I looked for the bathtub, before informing there wasn’t one!

My ideal bath includes a glass of champagne on the side, one or two candles, and just the sound of the ocean waves. I can have a quick bath, but a bath should last at least 20 minutes, and that doesn’t include the preparation (getting the right temperature, and consistency of bubbles). It’s the time I never answer the phone—it’s tough, people will have to wait. Bathtime is my space, no ifs or buts, and I loathe being disturbed, and is guaranteed to put me in a bad mood if people try. Occasionally I’ll read a magazine (if I have to wait for a facemask), but often I float as much as my tub will allow me, and drift away from the troubles of life. I look forward to taking a bath, and yes, when time permits I bathe at least twice a day—in the morning to prepare myself for the day, and in the evening to wind down. Perfect, now I just need to find the location overlooking an ocean…

Sorry, Excuse Me, Please, and Thank You

I loathe people who are rude or who have no manners, because it’s not necessary. How much effort does it take to say, “Excuse Me”, “Please”, or “Thank You”? Sometimes people blame it on class or upbringing, but I have met plenty of well-educated and rich people who have no manners, and I find it shameful, as they are simple words that everyone knows, but some don’t bother to use them.

Does society think it’s acceptable these days, or have the boundaries stretched so much so, that it doesn’t seem to matter? Maybe people blame it on a less nuclear family, with more single parent families or blended ones? I don’t feel there is any excuse, as good manners don’t cost anything, but comes from respect for others as human beings.

Sometimes it’s down to snobbery, when someone thinks they are better than you and they assume they can get away with being rude and impolite. Sadly I have witnessed this, when people are two faced, and that makes me so angry, because we are all human beings. No one is better than another. Imagine if you are stranded on an island, you are all equal.

Are people rude because it gives them a false sense of power, or is it just ego? In any case, rude people don’t get a second chance with me and I tend to ignore them. Some may say that’s rude, but if I disapprove of how someone behaves, I am not going to condone it, even if it seems politically correct. That does get hard when you are in a work situation, and those people tend to dig their own graves.

Manners may stem from an early age, but if someone is told their behavior is considered unacceptable, they should listen and change, especially if it is in the workplace or school. I’m not naïve enough to believe everyone will have had an upbringing with perfect manners, because cultures do differ too. Men will be rude to women in certain countries as they are considered lowly beings, and that maybe tolerated in those home countries, but not outside. Once I was queuing in a store to pay, and it was a feeder line, when a (black) man walked straight up to the cashier and ignored the line. I politely told him I was next, and where the line was. The man replied in his country he doesn’t queue and women have to wait. I responded that in England that isn’t the case, and the cashier (male) actually refused to serve him, and other members of the public supported me.

There are minimum standards in polite society, but they seem to dwindling now, as people openly swear and shout at one another in public. People don’t let old people go first, or keep doors open, and people don’t even say sorry. Maybe that’s a British thing, but manners do matter, and no amount of money can buy good manners. Don’t leave home without them, and practice at home. Thank you!

Hooray! It’s a May Bank Holiday

In the UK, we are about to embark on the first May Bank Holiday on Monday (Public holiday) of the month. It’s a favorite month for many as there are two Bank Holidays—one at the start and one at the end. Why is it so special? First of all, it marks the beginning of Summer, which is very short, and in the UL if there is sun and no rain, that’s classed as hot. Secondly, people can wear their summer clothes without looking silly, and the rarely used barbecue come out, as well as the picnic blankets.

Basically it’s the start of the social season, and a time for organizing gatherings whether it is to the park for a picnic, an outdoor concert, or people unveiling their gardens from hibernation. Sadly, the summer doesn’t last long, and so when it’s a Bank Holiday everywhere is packed. People tag on extra days holidays before and after the Monday Bank Holiday to make the most of it, and generally everyone seems upbeat. Children in particular enjoy having extra time off school, and lots of places have special offers on to entice people to buy products, or to eat out.


There is however a tradition, that when it is a Bank Holiday it rains in England. Most people expect it, but it doesn’t dampen the spirits. Having being born and bred in England, you always take an umbrella with you and if it rains, you just put it up. I expect the caravan parks, and seaside resorts will be busy in a few hours from now, and supermarkets will have the shelves raided as people stock up for the weekend, mainly as there won’t be any deliveries on Monday, and people worry that they will run out of milk or bread!

What I do love is the spirit, and the atmosphere because life goes on despite wars, terrorism, climate change, and the impending Brexit. These are the days where childhood memories are made, and I recall my own, taking a day trip to the seaside where it always rained, but we still made sandcastles and ran around in our coats with our hoods up. I think Bank Holidays are so important, as they allow people to have family time, or time to enjoy with friends. I also recall working in retail and either choosing to work for more money or to have that time to go away. I chose money then, but money doesn’t buy memories, and while I don’t regret it, I see the importance of these holidays because they hold great memories for me. For the record, it’s been raining in the UK and in act there was snow earlier this week, so it’s looking like a typical Bank Holiday, but we’re all prepared.

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