About the Author of This Blog

My name is Janet Ford. My father was raising and training his own horses since before I was born. He was also of the belief that to truly know a horse, you needed to be the one who trained him/her. Therefor, my first horse (after my token childhood pony) was a two year old stud colt that I trained myself. Well, with help from dear old dad, of course.

My dad taught me a lot about horses but it doesn’t even compare to the lessons taught to me by the horses in my life throughout my years as a child and as an adult. I’d like to say I was horse-savvy but I won’t. I prefer to consider myself forever the horse novice who is willing to learn more. Thankfully, my horses are always willing to teach new lessons. This blog is to share those with you.

I only practice natural horsemanship style training techniques. I have taken two different courses of hands on teaching in Parelli based horse training but currently find myself more successful in implementing more of Clinton Anderson style of training and communicating with my horses. You will find most of my training therefor revolving around learning to communicate effectively with my horses so that they understand what I’m trying to ask of them.

Another curious issue I face is that I am currently training a 4-year-old BLM mustang mare even though my intention was to adopt a horse who was more ‘push-button’ and completely safe to run the trails with my husband as well as some longer trail rides with the folks from my horse camp group of friends. I was specific in my needs as someone who now rides with a back brace and knee braces on both knees among other physical limitations. I may not be a total beginner but I needed a beginner safe mount with a personality to cater to my incessant need to bond tightly to my pasture pal on a relationship level, riding or not. So here I am training her from the ground up but amazed at how perfect she still is for me. This adventure itself is leading me to begin this blog. It’s sure to be eventful as we both learn from each other.