Not Sure How to Feel About This…

A long time ago, somewhere around December 2015, I applied to the Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) graduate program at West Virginia University.  From the beginning I wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted to study professional writing and editing, but I was looking forward to teaching English 101/102 in exchange for getting the tuition fee waived.  The assumption is that English graduate students are going to teach, so the acceptance rate is based on how much funding the various English programs get.  I was rejected, not because I sucked (although knowing my luck…) but because the pool of applicants was “very competitive” this year and the English department just didn’t have the funding for everyone.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. Certainly the program deserves students that are dedicated to PWE in addition to teaching and I would have a hard time finding dedication.  PWE is for people who want to go into technical writing and serious real-world writing.  I blog and sometimes attempt fiction.  I do have an interest in the editing part of things, but that’s a small part of the program.  The student that is already excited about all aspects of PWE deserves a slot. Me…Maybe one day, but not right now.

On the other hand, I am getting sick and tired of being rejected by everything I apply to!  Whether it’s work or school, it hurts.  I feel like I am never going to hear a “Yes” and it’s not worth trying.  I feel like no matter how good I look on my application, the person who’s 1% better is going to get the prize and I’ll be standing there trying to be congratulatory for them while seething about yet another failure.

I’m trying to think positive about this rejection, like maybe I was rejected from PWE so I can be accepted to the Master’s in Literacy program that I really want. Stranger things have happened, you know?  It still hurts because I was an undergraduate English major at WVU and I thought that would give me a boost.  I just don’t know how to handle this.  Any ideas?


Sweet face, sharp tongue, keyboard at the ready.

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