Malaysia Traditional Snack-Getuk Ubi ( Pounded Tapioca Cakes )

Getuk Ubi by peachpurple

Getuk Ubi by peachpurple


Getuk Ubi is well fond of by the Malay communities in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia for the high in carbohydrate snack.

Getuk is the Malay language for tapioca, the white flesh root tuber grown underground, steam, mashed and sprinkled with fresh grated coconut.

Ubi means roots.

Getuk Ubi is also known as Pounded Tapioca Cakes.

Lately, I had been visiting the local roadside stalls which sell teatime snack; 5.  pieces for  RM2 ( USD 0.70)

There are many stalls selling kuih-muih ( sweet cakes ) that makes my mouth water yet my pocket doesn’t have that much money to buy all of them.

One of the kuih that caught my eyes is Getuk Ubi, steamed tapioca coated with freshly grated coconut.

Simply yummy, can’t take my eyes of them!

So, I decided to search for the recipe and make some for today’s snack since dinner will be ready at 6.45pm, I shall start cooking at 6pm.

As for tea time snack, Getuk Ubi seems to be the right sweet cake to fill up my hunger pang while I enjoy a cup of the tarik ( milk tea )!!


Getuk Ubi recipe


  • 800g tapioca ( roughly 2-3 big tapioca )
  • 180g freshly grated coconut
  • 180g gula Melaka ( palm sugar ), grated
  • reserve some freshly grated coconut for coating
desiccate coconut - grated coconut by peachpurple

desiccate coconut – grated coconut by peachpurple

Raw Tapioca by freedigitalphotos

Raw Tapioca by freedigitalphotos

Method of making Getuk Ubi:

  1. Peel tapioca and cut into 5cm thick.
  2. Put tapioca into pot of water and boil for 20min until soften.
  3. Remove and drain.
  4. Mash the tapioca with the back of a fork while it is hot as it break into pieces easily at hot temperature.
  5. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
  6. Add in coarsely grated coconut, gula Melaka and mix well.
  7. Press the tapioca paste into a rectangular tray or bread tin.
  8. Leave it to cool for an hour.
  9. Cut the tapioca into squares or bars and coat with freshly grated coconut before serving.


If you like fried Getuk Ubi, scoop 2 tbps of tapioca paste into a ball, coat with flour and deep fry in a deep fryer or wok. Remember to put in more grated coconut into the tapioca paste.

Palm sugar is actually dark brown sugar or muscovado sugar , usually sold in wet market, grocery shop and supermarket in cakes or grated.


Have you tried Getuk Ubi?

Do you prefer the fried Getuk Ubi or non fried version with coated coconut?

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