Fighting the Urge

I can do this… I can do this.

I literally have ten questions left on this assessment. I need to focus and get it done. But I need to do a lot of work for these. I’m literally rewriting them because they don’t fit the requirements, and completely new questions need to fill in the gap. I mean, you can’t just ditch 10 questions and turn in 40 in a set. That’s not allowed. I have to fill in what I delete.

That means I’m going to have to go passage hunting. Basically, I’m only allowed to use stories in the public domain or I’ll need to write my own. In case you aren’t sure, public domain is anything published before 1927, so the pickings are pretty slim. Generally, it’s the same amount of work either way. I can either spend forever sifting through texts to find something that fits what I’m trying to assess, or I can sit and think about a possible story. Then, I have to actually write it. I don’t know which is harder or more frustrating.

And I just want to sit. I want to grab the half-empty carton of Ben and Jerry’s that’s sitting in my freezer, and I want to indulge in my book. But, if I do that, I run the risk of not getting this assessment done in time to make the cut for the invoice. And I definitely need this extra money. So… I need to suck it up. Once I’m done, I can totally snarf my icy treat and dig into the last few chapters of my story. It’s totally going to happen. But, by then, Little Man will have woken, which will make reading all but impossible.

Ugh. Why do I have to be so responsible? Okay. I’m going to do this. If I just find two passages, I might be able to stretch them across ten questions.

Yep. Let’s do it. I’m out.

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