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Unconventional Christmas Ornaments

I used to joke that our Christmas Tree was the only one in the world  that threatens you when you turn it on.  My husband is a Star Wars fan, and our tree can sometimes have explode and shooting sounds from his various space ship ornaments.

I’m pretty much okay with that.  I mean, you’ve gotta be a geek to marry a geek right?

Our tree is basically covered in unconventional ornaments, with a few standard Christmas Balls scattered between.


So this year I added to our unconventionality with thisAMC The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Ornament from Hallmark Its really no secret that I’m a huge Walking Dead fan, and like most female Walking Dead fans I am a fan of Daryl Dixon.

Or, as some of my other friends call him, “The greasy redneck.”

What can I say?

I was overwhelmed with excitement when I found out this ornament was a thing.  Overwhelmed with disapointment when I tried to buy him, but he was sold out, and overwhelmed with excitement again when my husband surprised me with it a couple of days later.  I had gotten my Darly Dixon Ornament After All!

The Big Bang Theory/Star Trek Cast Ornament is a slightly more conventional ornament, in that it is a round ball shape.   It even has snow.

Oh, wait, that is stars…

Because it is the cast of the hit series Big Bang Theory, re-imagined as the crew members of the original Star Trek series.  My husband, being both a Big Bang fan, AND a Star Trek fan, LOVED it.  I knew that he would.

Another unconventional ornament added to our tree this year was this Star Wars – Holiday Darth Vader Ornament from Hallmark.

Not only is Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith, wearing a tie-fighter and Storm trooper Ugly Chirstmas Sweater, he also has on a cute red santa hat!  And when you activate him he says holiday things like:

“I find your lack of gifts disturbing.”


“I wish you a Merry Sithmas”.

Yeah, and those are just three of our unconventional Christmas ornaments.

What kind of ornaments do you have on YOUR tree?


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