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Marching Forward with March Goals

Another month has started today.  That means it is time for a new list of goals.

While some of my goals from last month could be carried over (see February Goal Recap to see what I did and didn’t accomplish), I thought I’d try an all new batch.

Do you make monthly goals?  Feel free to share them if you do!


    I’ve been setting my alarm for 7, and sometimes not dragging myself out of bed until almost 7:30, which is utterly insane when I have a kid to get ready for school and myself to get ready for work.  That doesn’t leave me any time to myself in the morning and makes the whole morning crazy and hectic.  So I plan to start setting my alarm for 6, and dragging myself out of bed instead of hitting the snooze.


    This will give me an hour before I wake my oldest son up.  An hour in which to check my blogs, and drink a cup of coffee without having to harass a small person into eating their breakfast and putting on their pants.

    This one will be difficult for me, because I am NOT a morning person, and I suffer from insomnia.  I’m usually just falling asleep good when its time to get up.


    I have a pretty nice (fake) leather journal I got recently that I keep meaning to start using.  I used to journal a lot, starting in 2000.  After I moved in with my husband and he started reading my journals and getting peeved off at me about what was in them, I sort of got out of the habit.

    I still do art journal some, but I need to sit down and do personal journaling, and get the stuff off my chest.

    I had been venting most of it on facebook, but people keep sending me messages about being selfish, and making myself unhappy and yadda yadda yadda.  I gotta vent it before I burst though, if you know what I mean.
    I kind of want to go back to what my journaling was like in the early 2000s too.  Writing about my day, my emotions, with random magazine cut outs that appeal to me, quotes, words, stickers, whatever I feel like sticking in.

    Yep, I wanna journal like a teenager again.


    This one comes with two parts.
    A.  Earn no less than 100 points on blogjob daily, but aim for the full 150.
    B.  Be active on mylot every single day.

    If I could hit payout from both places every month, that would be $20 in my pocket that I could really use.

    I’m also thinking about joining Elitewriters too.

    I need more places that will pay me to write there because I will never earn money with my free blogspot blogs.


    In recent photos I notice I look bloated (which is no small feat when you’re already obese).  At the end of my shifts at work my ankles are so swollen that my socks are cutting into them and causing rashes.  I’ve not taken my blood pressure lately, but I bet its high again.

    I need to start taking my diuretic again, even if it means I do have to leave the front of the store more often to pee.  I need to take my medicine.

    Also, my size 18s that I was so proud to get down into (I was a 22) are starting to be too tight again.

    Clearly I need to take care of myself again, like I was for a while.  I was taking good care of myself up until the BS with me struggling daily to keep my job came into being.


    I have too much clutter.  I’ve started hanging on to EVERYTHING with plans to “make something” out of it.  I’ve not been throwing out magazines because they could be used for collage or for making paper beads.  Of course, I’m hoarding these things, but I’m not making anything at all.
    The time has come to start making something with them, or to get rid of them.

    Same goes for a lot of different things I have around here.  Ephermia I’ve held on to.  It is time to use it or lose it.


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