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Treats, Flowers, and Positive Thoughts.

Okay, so I missed a couple of days so this one is going to be a list catch up.

Its probably for the best.  I’m not sure I could do 300 words on any of these subjects.

I’m writing these lists from prompts from Listers Gotta List.  All images in this post are posters or wall art from amazon.  Click the image to purchase it if you wish.

FEB 4:
Ways I Treat Myself

  1.  I do “Hot Bath Therapy” almost ever night.  This consists of taking a bath as hot as I can stand it, with a cup of coffee and I good book.  I stay in there until my water turns cold.  Sometimes I turn the water back on and end up staing in there until I run out of hot water completely.
  2.  I buy myself a book.  Or a magazine.  My most recent splurge was the current copy of Artful Blogging magazine.  I love it.  It is full of the most beautiful photography, and sometimes an inspiring word or two.  I also love to get my hands on new books by my favorite authors
  3. I completely veg out in front of a video game.  Being a mom of two I’m pretty much always on the go after my kids, or letting them have reign of the game systems.  But sometimes I let myself have the guilty pleasure of playing a couple of hours of video games.
  4.   Sleep.  Sleep is such a treat for me.  I have to get up multiple times a night with my youngest son.  Then I have to get up early to get the oldest one to school, even on my days off.  On the rare times I have a day off when my husband is also off, I treat myself by sleeping as late as I can that morning, playing catch up on week and weeks of not having enough sleep.

FEB 5:
My Favorite Flowers

Its hard for me to pick a favorite flower!  I love all of them so much.  But I’ll try.

  1.  The lantana bush I have growing in my back yard.  It was rooted off of one of my dad’s bushes.  It is, in a way, a part of him.  I’ll be very, very, very sad if something happens to it and it dies.
  2. Petunias.  I love petunia flowers, and they are one of the flowers I try to grow every summer, but manage to kill.  I had some once that were red with white stripes.  They were beautiful.
  3.   The red spider lillys.
  4.   Bright yellow daffodills.
    Those two both sprang up of their own accord in my dad’s yard every year.  They meant spring had sprung.  I miss those flowers.

FEB 6:
Positive Things I Say to Myself

Nothing.  I say nothing positive to myself.  I am my own worst enemy.

There, I’ve caught up.

If you do any of these three prompts on your blog I’d love to see your answers.  Feel free to drop a comment to let me know you’ve done it.

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5 things that bring me joy

Yesterdays prompt from Listers Gotta List was “Favorite February Memories.”  I didn’t do it because I don’t particuarly have any favorite memories of February, or any specific month actually.

Today’s list was a little more doable for me.


Feb.3 Things that bring me joy


My list is in no particular order of importance.

  1.  My children bring me joy.  I’m sure that will be the first thing that any mother (or any parent) will think of when they think of things that bring them joy.

    I have 2 children.  Both boys.  The oldest is 6 and the youngest is 2.  They can frustrate me to no end, but at the same time, I love everything about them.

  2.   Food brings me joy.  This is apparant when you see how round I am.

    I’m not a food snob though.  I don’t have to have fancy gourmet foods.  In fact, I’m kind of a picky eater, in that I only like simple things for the most part.  The more “stuff” that is in a dish the less likely I am to eat it.

    When I say food brings me joy, I mean it literally.  I am happier if I am eating something that I like the taste of.  And for most of my life I have turned to my favorite foods for comfort and a replacement for “friendship.”

    To this day when I’m having a rough day, all I want to do is eat.

  3.   Books bring me joy.  I love to read.  I love losing myself inside of a well written story.

    When I am reading a good book I often “go” where the story is.  I can forget where I really am for a while.  And depending on the story it can either make me happy, or sad.  But even when a book makes me sad, I still can’t imagine my life without reading in it.

  4.   Money brings me joy.  Some people say money can’t buy happiness, but I call BS on that one.  When I can pay my bills I have more joy in my life.  When I can afford to buy something just for the fun of it, I have joy in my life.

    Sadly, I don’t have that joy as often as I would like to, but when I have extra money I have a little joy to spare.

  5.   Animals bring me joy.  I’m pretty much happier in the company of animals than I am in the company of people.

    I love to burry my face in the fur of a kitten or puppy, and just breath in their sweet animal smell.  I love a cats purr.  I love the beauty of exotic fish.  I love the softness of a rat’s fur vs the roughness of their tail.  I love tiny rodent toes, and the cute sounds that gunina pigs make.


If you do make a list from the prompt I would LOVE to see your list, so let me know you did it and I’ll pay it a visit.



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Things I’m Working On in February

So, I’ve been having a little trouble coming up with lists for some reason.  Who knows why.  So, I looked outwards for inspiration.

This month a lot (if not all) of my lists will be from a list of prompts from Listers Gotta List.

I would LOVE to see your own lists on some of these prompts too!  If you make a list from one of these prompts, feel free to drop a comment and I’ll visit your list too!


Feb. 1 – What I am working on this month.


  1.  This month I am going to try to make some of my own foods.  I’ve already baked a loaf of bread.  Which turned out surprisingly good for a first time ever loaf of bread.  In fact, I’ve single handedly eaten almost the whole blasted thing!

    Anyway, I also plan to try to make some Candied Orange Peels  I’m not sure if I’ll even like them but it would be a fun and inexpensive experiment.

  2.   I am going to start another blog, with the hopes of being able to one day get it in Artful Blogging Magazine.

    I already have so many blogs that I never do much with.  My first thought was to re-purpose one of them.  But none of them are really Artful Blogging material.

    Except, I have one called All The Little Stuff.  It has very few posts.  I might be able to re-do that one instead of making a brand new one.

    I have to think on it a little more, but I hope to start that before the end of the month.  I’d like to be able to submit it by January of next year.

  3.   I’m cleaning out my desk drawers.  I got 2 of them emptied last month.  Now I have two more to go.

    Oddly enough, the 2 I emptied were the small ones, and they filled up nearly an entire LARGE container with the stuff inside of them.

    Sadly, once I conquer the other two drawers, I’ll have to attack that container of random stuff and get the stuff in it where it goes.  And resist the urge to dump it back in the drawers it came out of.

  4.   I need to start cleaning my bookshelf (shelves) this month.  I’m running out of room for new books, which means I need to cull the ones I have.

    I have books on there that I got from a library sale, but never read.  I have ones I’ve read, but have no intention of re-reading.

    Then I have the books that I have every intention of keeping forever and ever, but they have gotten very disorganized.  I’m trying to get all the books in certain series, and its hard to get the books when I can’t easily tell which ones I have and don’t have.

    In theory I would like to sell the books that I no longer want, but a lot of them are paperback, and I have a tendancy to break spines so they will probably mostly be unsaleable.

  5.   Speaking of unsellable, I really, really, really, REALLY need to get some things listed in my etsy shop this month.  Or make a free shop at Shop Handmade.  Or both.

    I’m all out of funds, and I’m earning exactly $0 from blogging, so I need to hopefully start selling something again.

Wel, there you go, a list of things I’m working on this month.

Remember, I’d LOVE for you to use these prompts too.  Let me know if you use it and I’ll be sure to drop by your list!


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Random Things on my Mind

It is getting late on a Sunday night, and I need to get a post in. I was trying to come up with an interesting list, but my brain is bouncing all over the place.

So, you get to have a list of the random things in my head tonight.

  1.  I hate public school’s having to wear uniforms.  My kid has several long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, but he can’t wear any of the to school because they are not a uniform item.  Now we have to spend money we don’t have to buy a navy sweater or jacket, without a hood, or emblem, that opens in the front.  If we can even find one of them that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg.  And here I thought public school was supposed to be for poor people like us.
  2. I’m tired.  I need to go to bed.  But I don’t want to go to bed.  Or I do want to go to bed, but going to bed means it will be tomorrow, and I have to go to work tomorrow.  Work sucks lately.  There is too much tension with me having to walk on eggshells to keep my job, and at least 3 people there pissed off that I haven’t already lost my job.
  3. My lady bits hurt.  I think I’m getting a UTI again.  And its all my husbands fault.  I’m not going to go into WHY its his fault online though.
  4. I wish it were not so late.  I want to take a bath.  Soak in hot water and read.  But if I do that then I’ll spend too long reading my current book and then it will be REALLY late when I go to bed and I won’t get enough sleep.
  5. I wonder why my eyes are so puffy every morning when I wake up now.  Like really, really, really puffy as if I had been up all night crying  But I’ve not been up all night crying.  Last night I slept quite well actually.
  6. I didn’t wash my clothes tonight.  Darn it.  I needed to do my laundry.
  7. Speaking of laundry, I need to go turn the dryer back on so the boys cloths will be dry.  My oldest needs a clean uniform for tomorrow.
  8. Freaking uniforms.

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Christmas Gifts 2015

You should have seen it coming.  On a blog of lists, how could I NOT make a list of what I got for Christmas day?  (I only regret not keeping a copy of what I wanted too, cause I got some things off my list but not all of them.)

After you read this list I would love to see a list of what you received, or what you gave those you loved.

This year for Christmas I received:

1:  A Daryl Dixon baseball cap.  It has Daryl Dixon on it (a character from The Walking Dead for those of you who don’t know).  With Daryl’s image it also has WWDD?  “What Would Daryl Do?” is what it means.

2:  A Daryl Dixon cup.  It is one of the ones that are popular right now, a plastic tumbler with a plastic straw.  This one is red with am image of Daryl Dixon on it in front of the word THE WALKING DEAD.

Got a new cup to go with my new hat. LOVE IT! #DarylDixon #thewalkingdead #cup

A photo posted by Nona (@nonersays) on Dec 25, 2015 at 12:47pm PST

Those to things along with the Daryl Dixon Ornament I got earlier this season has made this a very Daryl Dixon Christmas.

3:  I also got the PS3 game Dead Island.  Its not The Walking Dead, but it is a Zombie game.  My husband said that Zombies were the theme of my Christmas gifts from him.  It is a few years old, but I wanted it when it first came out.  More recently Dead Island 2 came out and we saw preview after preview after preview of it while watching The Walking Dead.  I must have mentioned wanted the first one a couple of times when seeing the preview for the new one.

Here it the Trailer for Dead Island.  This is what made me want to get the game the first time.



Those were all the gifts I got from my husband.

The rest of my gifts came from my mother in law and sister in law.  I got them and enjoy them in no particular order..I’m just trying to remember everything.

4:  I got some yummy body wash and lotion from Bath and Body Works.  The scent is called A Thousand Wishes.

handmade quilt

My mother in law made this quilt for me. Its just waiting to be cuddled under, if the weather ever cools down.

5:  My mother in law MADE ME an amazing lap quilt.  It is soft, and fluffy and I’m in crazy love with it.  (too bad that it is WAY to hot to cover up in it right now.

6:  I got the Xyron Creative Station that I’ve been wanting for a while.  That made me happy.  I have the smallest Xyron sticker maker, but this one does so much more.  You can click the link there to read an article I wrote about the machine earlier.

7:  I got a movie.  Pitch Perfect 2.

8, 9, 10: I got three books.  I got “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee.  And I got “The Walking Dead: Descent: by Jay Bonansigna which was the next in a series of Walking Dead novels .

11, 12: I got a whisk and a silicon spatula.

13.  Lowcountry Cheddar Biscuts from Byrd Cookie Company.  They are one of my favorite “cookies” and I had mentioned wanting some to my MIL.  They come in a tin box that I can use to store something in later.

And I think that is it.  Even though I feel like I’m forgetting something.  Looking over at my pile that really does seem to be it.


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Unconventional Christmas Ornaments

I used to joke that our Christmas Tree was the only one in the world  that threatens you when you turn it on.  My husband is a Star Wars fan, and our tree can sometimes have explode and shooting sounds from his various space ship ornaments.

I’m pretty much okay with that.  I mean, you’ve gotta be a geek to marry a geek right?

Our tree is basically covered in unconventional ornaments, with a few standard Christmas Balls scattered between.


So this year I added to our unconventionality with thisAMC The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Ornament from Hallmark Its really no secret that I’m a huge Walking Dead fan, and like most female Walking Dead fans I am a fan of Daryl Dixon.

Or, as some of my other friends call him, “The greasy redneck.”

What can I say?

I was overwhelmed with excitement when I found out this ornament was a thing.  Overwhelmed with disapointment when I tried to buy him, but he was sold out, and overwhelmed with excitement again when my husband surprised me with it a couple of days later.  I had gotten my Darly Dixon Ornament After All!

The Big Bang Theory/Star Trek Cast Ornament is a slightly more conventional ornament, in that it is a round ball shape.   It even has snow.

Oh, wait, that is stars…

Because it is the cast of the hit series Big Bang Theory, re-imagined as the crew members of the original Star Trek series.  My husband, being both a Big Bang fan, AND a Star Trek fan, LOVED it.  I knew that he would.

Another unconventional ornament added to our tree this year was this Star Wars – Holiday Darth Vader Ornament from Hallmark.

Not only is Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith, wearing a tie-fighter and Storm trooper Ugly Chirstmas Sweater, he also has on a cute red santa hat!  And when you activate him he says holiday things like:

“I find your lack of gifts disturbing.”


“I wish you a Merry Sithmas”.

Yeah, and those are just three of our unconventional Christmas ornaments.

What kind of ornaments do you have on YOUR tree?


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5 Places that I Blog

I have been blogging since 1999. My first blog ever was on Xanga. Since then I have had dozens of other blogs. Many I stop keeping due to lack of reader interest.

Right now I’m having a hard time getting people to read or comment on any of my blogs!  It’s frightening, but I suppose it is to be expected because I’m a personal blogger.

Anyway, if you would like to see some of my blogs that are not this one, then check out this list below.

  1.  Noner Says….  This one is a personal blog.  If you want to see pictures of my children or pets this is going to be the most likely place for that to happen.  I also plan to turn this into a place where I might share my thoughts and opinions on various current events.  (In the even that current events stop being so cruddy)
  2. The Art of Living Right here on Blog Job, this one is another personal blog.  I’m likely to talk about the little things going on in my life here, trying to paint a picture with words, or just ranting.
  3. Random Animals This one is an animal and pet blog.  I don’t update it nearly as often as I should.  Here I might share cute animal videos, or share a homeless or shelter pet that needs a good home.  I call it Random Animals because I’m just as likely to share a snake as a fluffy puppy.  There is also a Random Animals facebook fan page.
  4. Yellow Circle is a review blog.  I share book and product reviews.  Sometimes a craft project might pop up on it.  This is my newest blog, and I’m still in the process of turning it into what it might become one day.
  5. Nonersays on Craft Closet This is where I share my craft and DIY tutorials or attempts.  I like to do various journal making projects.  I do art journals, and I LOVE to do kids crafts.  Actually, you are more likely to find kids crafts on my blog posts here than anything else.


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Things I Hope to Accomplish in October

Remember my very first list on here?  It was 5 Things I Want to Do In September.  (Take a moment to click and visit if you wish.)

Well, do you want to know how many of those things I accomplished?

Exactly 0 of them.

That’s right, I didn’t get to make one single item off of my short September to-do list.

So, here I am to try again with October!

1.  Get back on my diet/fitness routine.  I have a couple of doctor visits that are not going to go very well if I can’t stop snarfing down the salt like a mad woman.  And I would really like to end 2015 weighing less than I started it and thats not gonna happen if I don’t light a fire under my own rear.

2.  Reach Cash Out.  Yeah, I would be overjoyed to reach cash out in EVERY single one of my PPV or PPC blog sites, but I’d be happy just to reach cash out in ONE.  I don’t care if its this one, or one of the others, or more than one.  But I need SOME kind of money to go INTO my bank account instead of everything coming out.

3.  Get something into my ETSY.  I keep procrastinating on the creating and listing on things on Etsy.  I guess I’m afraid they won’t sell.  Fear of rejection/fear of failure is top in my mind right now.

4.  Leave work AT work.  Lately I’ve been LITERALLY losing sleep over my job.  Which is beyond ridiculous because its a retail job.  But its a retail job that I NEED and if things don’t do better than they are doing right now I might be in danger of losing it.

5.  Spend LESS time on Facebook.  Facebook has been a big time suck for me.  I get on there to check one thing and end up playing farm games instead of writing seriously.  Yeah.. Facebook is evil and I need to spend less time there.

Now, lets hope I do better at Octobers list than I did at Septembers.


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Five Things I Can’t Live Without

Have you ever thought about the thinks you really like in your life?

I never really stopped to think about it.  I just finished reading a novel that is actually called Five Things I Can’t Live Without.  It was about a woman who started writing online dating profiles for other people.  One thing she always included were five things they can’t live without.  Each person, surprisingly, had different things, unique to that person.

These five things were not thinks you LITERALLY can’t live without, like air and food and water.  And not the obvious answers like, children and family.  And I’m sure that most people have more than 5 things that they “can’t live without.

But, on to my list of Five Things I Can’t Live Without

Five Things I Can't Live Without

Five Things I Can’t Live Without is a novel by Holly Shumas, but inspired this list of 5 things that I can’t live without.

1.  Nature.  I love the outdoors.  I grew up in the countryside, and while my dad didn’t own a lot of property there was a trail in the woods behind my house.  I spent a lot of time walking back there.  I loved seeing deer and turtles.  I loved hearing whippoorwills at night.  Living in the city like I do now, there is less nature around me and it makes me sad.  I still try to grow flowers every year, and I love sitting and watching the bats fly around at dusk.  Animals and pets fit in here too.  I like critters.  If you’re furry and have 4 legs I’m gonna try to pet you.

2.  The Internet.  I’m sort of addicted to the internet, which is bad.  But it is also my best way of communicating with my family and friends.  Sometimes its the ONLY way.  I suffer from social anxiety, and I’m so much more comfortable talking through text on a screen than through an actual phone call.  And I’ve been able to make and keep friends from all over the world!  I’ve learned so many things from tutorials on Youtube and other places.  My life would be so much more dull without the internet!

3.  Books.  For as long as I have known how to read, I have LOVED reading.  I like novels with suspense, like horror or mystery novels.  Sometimes I’ll branch out a little and read something like Five Things I Can’t Live Without, but I’m not usually big on romantic novels in general.  When I had more time I could read several novels in the persiod of a week.  Now that I work full time and have a family, I can still read about 2 books a week, if they are good books.  I LIVE for trips to the library, and am so happy that libraries exist because I can’t afford to feed my book habit.  Of course I also download almost every free e-book I can find on Amazon.  My Kindle is the best gift anyone ever gave me!)  (If you like to read, but don’t have a kindle, you can Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices)

4.  Creativity.  Some of my most miserable moments come when I’ve gone a long time without being able to create something.  I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, but I also love to do crafts.  I would never call myself an artist, but I do love to play with paint.  I like getting messy.  I like getting colorful.  Sadly, the way my life works right now leaves very little time for me to do creative things.  After a long spell of doing nothing but work, sleep, work, sleep, I can find myself getting more and more depressed, and I know that I have to be creative somehow.  Good thing that something as simple as sitting down and coloring a page in a coloring book counts as being creative, and I can feel my mood improve.

5. Solitude.  Each day I read a point where I just CAN’T be around people anymore.  I mentioned above that I have social anxiety, so you can only imagine how stressed out I am at the end of a work day when you consider that I work a retail job and I’m surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of strangers every day.  Then I come home to be a wife and the mother of two small children who NEED me.  I do have a limit.  If I don’t get some time alone, then I turn into an evil person.  I’ll be snarly and snappy and feel like I’m going crazy.  I feel DRAINED by all the people who NEED me and take and take and take.  So…I have to get some time alone.  Some time for my emotional reserves to refill.

And there you go.  5 things I can’t live without.  And if you enjoyed that list you might also enjoy my list of 5 Things that Make Me Happy (don’t be surprised if you see list crossovers!)

If you are intrigued by the book I keep mentioning it is available on Amazon as well!  You can get it in eBook OR paperback!


Thank you for taking time to read my list?  Now tell me,
What are the five things you can’t live without?

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what kind of list YOU would like to see me write!


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5 Wii U Games 5 Year Olds Will Love

I have a 5 year old son, and he loves to play video games.  He started off playing Angry Birds on my Kindle Fire, and it was a love affair from there.

He has played games on the Wii, and on Nintendo 64!  His favorite game system is the Wii U though.  He loves the touch screen control pad and he often plays it as if it were a handheld system like his 3DS.


1.  Mario Party 10

 The latest in a long series of a virtual “board game.”  Unlike the older games which were all a race to the finish line, Mario Party 10 puts all the players in one car.  Every step you roll your whole team moves with you.

There are not mini-games after every player goes, you have to land on special mini-game spaces.  I don’t like that, but my son doesn’t do well with the mini-games so he hates to play them.  His favorite part of Mario Party 10 is what makes this version of Mario Party the most special.

In this one you get to be BOWSER.  That’s right, you can choose to play as the good team, OR as the bad guy.  And my son likes to be the bad guy.

2.  Lego Jurassic World

Like most 5 year old boys, my son loves legos, and he loves dinosaurs.  So Lego Jurassic World is pretty much a win/win for him.

In this one you can chose to play two games.  If you choose one path you get gameplay based on the original Jurassic Park movies.  If you go the other way then you get to play a game based on the newest movie, Jurassic World.

He thinks it is fun to customize his dinosaurs, and thinks it is fun to play as a dinosaur.  That’s right, in this game you don’t just get to be the people, you get to be the dino’s too!  I have to say even I enjoy getting to be Blue, and the other Velociraptors.

3.  Super Mario 3D World

When you think of Nintendo, you think of Mario, so it should not be a surprise that another game my 5 year old loves is another Mario game.

In Super Mario 3D World you are trying to defeat Bowser, the same as always, but you get to explore a whole new world.  There are plenty of old friends and enemys though.

You get to choose who you want your character to be.  You can be Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad to start, and unlock other characters as you play.

My son calls this one “Kitty Cat” Mario, because Mario has a new power.  In Super Mario 3D World, Mario (or his allys) don a cat suit, and then they can claw their enemy, or climb the wall to reach high places!

4.  Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

My son has never seen any other Donkey Kong game than Donkey Kong 64, so the game play of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was a little different for him.

Honestly the game play for this one is a little bit harder for him than other games (its even hard for ME most of the time), and a lot of times he will ask me to play for him, but he loves to watch me play this game.  He will watch as long as I’m willing to play.

When he does play he likes to play the early boards, and collect coins that he will spend in the shop for extra men.  He currently has the maximum amount of men he can have, which is better off than I am.  And though DK can pair up with Diddy, Dixie or Cranky Kong in this one, my son likes “the girl” best because “she can fly.”

5.  Duck Tales

Now, Duck Tales is a cartoon when from when I was a little girl, so my son has never seen it.  The Duck Tales game is also from when I was a little girl, but it has been updated and re-released for newer systems, including the Wii U.

The game play is meant for  younger players so its very easy for a 5 year old to play.

In it you are Scrooge McDuck, and you are going after treasures for your collection.  Your Weapon is your cane that you can use for a Pogo stick and bounce off the bad guys heads.

My son played this game so much that it became the first game that he beat ON HIS OWN.  That’s right, he doesn’t even have to have mommy play it for him.

Of course, when I set it up I put it on the “easy” setting, but you can choose to play it on a harder level if you want to play as a grown up.


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