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Treats, Flowers, and Positive Thoughts.

Okay, so I missed a couple of days so this one is going to be a list catch up.

Its probably for the best.  I’m not sure I could do 300 words on any of these subjects.

I’m writing these lists from prompts from Listers Gotta List.  All images in this post are posters or wall art from amazon.  Click the image to purchase it if you wish.

FEB 4:
Ways I Treat Myself

  1.  I do “Hot Bath Therapy” almost ever night.  This consists of taking a bath as hot as I can stand it, with a cup of coffee and I good book.  I stay in there until my water turns cold.  Sometimes I turn the water back on and end up staing in there until I run out of hot water completely.
  2.  I buy myself a book.  Or a magazine.  My most recent splurge was the current copy of Artful Blogging magazine.  I love it.  It is full of the most beautiful photography, and sometimes an inspiring word or two.  I also love to get my hands on new books by my favorite authors
  3. I completely veg out in front of a video game.  Being a mom of two I’m pretty much always on the go after my kids, or letting them have reign of the game systems.  But sometimes I let myself have the guilty pleasure of playing a couple of hours of video games.
  4.   Sleep.  Sleep is such a treat for me.  I have to get up multiple times a night with my youngest son.  Then I have to get up early to get the oldest one to school, even on my days off.  On the rare times I have a day off when my husband is also off, I treat myself by sleeping as late as I can that morning, playing catch up on week and weeks of not having enough sleep.

FEB 5:
My Favorite Flowers

Its hard for me to pick a favorite flower!  I love all of them so much.  But I’ll try.

  1.  The lantana bush I have growing in my back yard.  It was rooted off of one of my dad’s bushes.  It is, in a way, a part of him.  I’ll be very, very, very sad if something happens to it and it dies.
  2. Petunias.  I love petunia flowers, and they are one of the flowers I try to grow every summer, but manage to kill.  I had some once that were red with white stripes.  They were beautiful.
  3.   The red spider lillys.
  4.   Bright yellow daffodills.
    Those two both sprang up of their own accord in my dad’s yard every year.  They meant spring had sprung.  I miss those flowers.

FEB 6:
Positive Things I Say to Myself

Nothing.  I say nothing positive to myself.  I am my own worst enemy.

There, I’ve caught up.

If you do any of these three prompts on your blog I’d love to see your answers.  Feel free to drop a comment to let me know you’ve done it.

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5 things that bring me joy

Yesterdays prompt from Listers Gotta List was “Favorite February Memories.”  I didn’t do it because I don’t particuarly have any favorite memories of February, or any specific month actually.

Today’s list was a little more doable for me.


Feb.3 Things that bring me joy


My list is in no particular order of importance.

  1.  My children bring me joy.  I’m sure that will be the first thing that any mother (or any parent) will think of when they think of things that bring them joy.

    I have 2 children.  Both boys.  The oldest is 6 and the youngest is 2.  They can frustrate me to no end, but at the same time, I love everything about them.

  2.   Food brings me joy.  This is apparant when you see how round I am.

    I’m not a food snob though.  I don’t have to have fancy gourmet foods.  In fact, I’m kind of a picky eater, in that I only like simple things for the most part.  The more “stuff” that is in a dish the less likely I am to eat it.

    When I say food brings me joy, I mean it literally.  I am happier if I am eating something that I like the taste of.  And for most of my life I have turned to my favorite foods for comfort and a replacement for “friendship.”

    To this day when I’m having a rough day, all I want to do is eat.

  3.   Books bring me joy.  I love to read.  I love losing myself inside of a well written story.

    When I am reading a good book I often “go” where the story is.  I can forget where I really am for a while.  And depending on the story it can either make me happy, or sad.  But even when a book makes me sad, I still can’t imagine my life without reading in it.

  4.   Money brings me joy.  Some people say money can’t buy happiness, but I call BS on that one.  When I can pay my bills I have more joy in my life.  When I can afford to buy something just for the fun of it, I have joy in my life.

    Sadly, I don’t have that joy as often as I would like to, but when I have extra money I have a little joy to spare.

  5.   Animals bring me joy.  I’m pretty much happier in the company of animals than I am in the company of people.

    I love to burry my face in the fur of a kitten or puppy, and just breath in their sweet animal smell.  I love a cats purr.  I love the beauty of exotic fish.  I love the softness of a rat’s fur vs the roughness of their tail.  I love tiny rodent toes, and the cute sounds that gunina pigs make.


If you do make a list from the prompt I would LOVE to see your list, so let me know you did it and I’ll pay it a visit.



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Things I’m Working On in February

So, I’ve been having a little trouble coming up with lists for some reason.  Who knows why.  So, I looked outwards for inspiration.

This month a lot (if not all) of my lists will be from a list of prompts from Listers Gotta List.

I would LOVE to see your own lists on some of these prompts too!  If you make a list from one of these prompts, feel free to drop a comment and I’ll visit your list too!


Feb. 1 – What I am working on this month.


  1.  This month I am going to try to make some of my own foods.  I’ve already baked a loaf of bread.  Which turned out surprisingly good for a first time ever loaf of bread.  In fact, I’ve single handedly eaten almost the whole blasted thing!

    Anyway, I also plan to try to make some Candied Orange Peels  I’m not sure if I’ll even like them but it would be a fun and inexpensive experiment.

  2.   I am going to start another blog, with the hopes of being able to one day get it in Artful Blogging Magazine.

    I already have so many blogs that I never do much with.  My first thought was to re-purpose one of them.  But none of them are really Artful Blogging material.

    Except, I have one called All The Little Stuff.  It has very few posts.  I might be able to re-do that one instead of making a brand new one.

    I have to think on it a little more, but I hope to start that before the end of the month.  I’d like to be able to submit it by January of next year.

  3.   I’m cleaning out my desk drawers.  I got 2 of them emptied last month.  Now I have two more to go.

    Oddly enough, the 2 I emptied were the small ones, and they filled up nearly an entire LARGE container with the stuff inside of them.

    Sadly, once I conquer the other two drawers, I’ll have to attack that container of random stuff and get the stuff in it where it goes.  And resist the urge to dump it back in the drawers it came out of.

  4.   I need to start cleaning my bookshelf (shelves) this month.  I’m running out of room for new books, which means I need to cull the ones I have.

    I have books on there that I got from a library sale, but never read.  I have ones I’ve read, but have no intention of re-reading.

    Then I have the books that I have every intention of keeping forever and ever, but they have gotten very disorganized.  I’m trying to get all the books in certain series, and its hard to get the books when I can’t easily tell which ones I have and don’t have.

    In theory I would like to sell the books that I no longer want, but a lot of them are paperback, and I have a tendancy to break spines so they will probably mostly be unsaleable.

  5.   Speaking of unsellable, I really, really, really, REALLY need to get some things listed in my etsy shop this month.  Or make a free shop at Shop Handmade.  Or both.

    I’m all out of funds, and I’m earning exactly $0 from blogging, so I need to hopefully start selling something again.

Wel, there you go, a list of things I’m working on this month.

Remember, I’d LOVE for you to use these prompts too.  Let me know if you use it and I’ll be sure to drop by your list!


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