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Things I Hope to Accomplish in October

Remember my very first list on here?  It was 5 Things I Want to Do In September.  (Take a moment to click and visit if you wish.)

Well, do you want to know how many of those things I accomplished?

Exactly 0 of them.

That’s right, I didn’t get to make one single item off of my short September to-do list.

So, here I am to try again with October!

1.  Get back on my diet/fitness routine.  I have a couple of doctor visits that are not going to go very well if I can’t stop snarfing down the salt like a mad woman.  And I would really like to end 2015 weighing less than I started it and thats not gonna happen if I don’t light a fire under my own rear.

2.  Reach Cash Out.  Yeah, I would be overjoyed to reach cash out in EVERY single one of my PPV or PPC blog sites, but I’d be happy just to reach cash out in ONE.  I don’t care if its this one, or one of the others, or more than one.  But I need SOME kind of money to go INTO my bank account instead of everything coming out.

3.  Get something into my ETSY.  I keep procrastinating on the creating and listing on things on Etsy.  I guess I’m afraid they won’t sell.  Fear of rejection/fear of failure is top in my mind right now.

4.  Leave work AT work.  Lately I’ve been LITERALLY losing sleep over my job.  Which is beyond ridiculous because its a retail job.  But its a retail job that I NEED and if things don’t do better than they are doing right now I might be in danger of losing it.

5.  Spend LESS time on Facebook.  Facebook has been a big time suck for me.  I get on there to check one thing and end up playing farm games instead of writing seriously.  Yeah.. Facebook is evil and I need to spend less time there.

Now, lets hope I do better at Octobers list than I did at Septembers.


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