Reasons we use the internet

Internet or Eternet as you may call it has been what almost everyone on planet earth uses everyday. But everyone aim of using the internet is different and that is why we all have to make sure we get the best out of the internet.

Now adays little childrens now have access to the internet and it has trigger up many thoughts and debates weither children should use it or not but that is not the topic, the topic is what do you and i use the internet for?

I use the internet for many things and so do you! Here are some reasons why i use it:

(1). I use the internet to get information. Information can come in different styles but i just use it to get any information i need.

(2). I use it to earn extra cash. I know that most people not all know that we can actually make money from the internet. If you are one of them you should actually know what i am talking about.

(3). I think we all know that we can actually study online. If you don’t know you should know right now that you can further your studies online. I think this as really helped the less privileged to become educated.

(4). We can use it to watch movies. We all know that we can watch videos online, if you don’t know then try use for now. Sometimes we even have to pay some bucks in order to access some movies, try and you will understand me.

(5). We also use it to download files. You can have a computer with no files, we will actually need to download some from the internet.

(6). We have fun using the internet. We sometimes use it to play games online or to connect our xbox to our friends.

(7). It’s not a new thing that people have more friends online more than offline. We facebook enabling you to have up to 5000 friends, i am very sure you don’t have upto that amount offline.

There are tons of reasons why we use the internet and you have your own reasons. And you know you are using the internet to access my blog?

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