What i hate the most in life!

Life is short and time flies and that is why we have to enjoy our wealth. Above all this, there are somethings we will not like other people to do to you.

But we should remember that life is like a clock, whatever goes around will surely comes around. Whenever we do things let’s always remember the above saying.

Back to what we were discussing, what are those things i hate the most. Here are mine and i will like to hear yours also!:

1) BULLYING: Did i just wrote that word “bully”? i such hate it like hell!.

How do you feel when some other guys beat your child or insult your daughter, to be sincere you will actually feel so bad!

Your friends can sometimes do that to you. If only i am Hancock, some guys are really going to regret calling me names like “asshole”!.

2) DISAPPOINTMENT: In fact i hate that word just the way i hate that “bully”. That is why we are always told not to trust men.

I believe that we must have been disappointed before, one way or the other and i know how you must have felt! – “so bad”.

3) EMBARRASSMENT: Have you ever fell in the public before?, if not then you are lucky. Or have you ever been insulted by your boss before or some other clothing of embarrassment.

It is bad to see yourself under weird spell in the public, i believe some unreasonable people must have mocked you! It is so bad to be embarrassed!

4) FAILURE: That word has the same number of letters as the opposite of it which is “SUCCESS”. 7 letters word each.

Failure makes you feel downgraded and depreciated, especially those days in high school when some of us are unable to make “A” and while the rest of our younger ones try far better than us!

5) POVERTY: Am sure you will never like to be poor. Here in Africa where this disease has been spreading like a wild fire at an higher pace, the only cure we have right now is “hardwork”.

Not to bore you will all this story, let me just stop here. Hope to learn about what you hate the most!

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