Superstar Prince had No Will?


No doubt many of us are still reeling over the untimely death of singer and song writer Prince that happened just a few weeks now comes some news that I am finding hard to comprehend. According to reports that are coming out in the press t Prince apparently had no will. At least that is what is being said by his five sibling who are now battling it out in the courts regarding his estate.

So why do I find this so hard to comprehend? Because this is a man who was worth at the moment 300 million dollars, and that doesn’t even count the residuals that will be brought in by his extensive music catalog now, along with never released music that could be valuable to any record label going forward. Why would he not have a will? My mother had a will and this was a woman who really didn’t have money but sentimental objects that she wanted to leaver to various individuals.

I know that Prince was always someone who marched to his own drummer. Remember the time when he was no longer going by the name Prince but chose a symbol as his new name and was referred to as the artist or the artist formerly known as Prince. Also he apparently had no surviving children to leave his money to. But Prince was also a man who cared about community and individuals. That was obvious in his love and devotion for his fans along with those in the town he lived in for so many years. So, why didn’t he leave part of his estate to various charities he believed in? Also there are his surviving siblinwouldn’t he want to provide for them?

Now I know some would say this was a man in his mid-fifties, but he was a man with a whole lot of revenue to think about. Even if the thought didn’t cross his mind, wouldn’t if have done so after the untimely death of fellow artist and song writer Michael Jackson back in 2009. If that wasn’t enough singer Whitney Houston’s death came a few years later. Now they both had will’s stating what they wanted to happen to their estates yet Prince didn’t or did he? Let’s face it for me something doesn’t seem right here, Prince seem like way too level headed a man not to think about such matters. He locked up his music in a vault where he was the only one with the combination, so that tells us how he valued what he had. Yes, it’s only a been a few weeks so far and Prince didn’t actually have an attorney at the time of his death, for all anyone knows his Will could stll be found hidden away somewhere on his estate. I guess we will just have to wait to see how this unfolds.

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I remember an episode of the nineties Sitcom Frasier where members of the cast were sitting in a hospital waiting room as Fraiser’s brother Niles was having heart surgery. One of them made the comment that the waiting is the hardest part and I couldn’t help but think at the time how true that was. The irony is the episode stuck in my brain because I was doing that exact same thing at that time. I was sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting for word on my sister who was having surgery at that time. Unfortunately, for me the wait became almost impossible, why? Well, for I was told this would be a two hour surgery and it turned out to be over four hours.

Yes, four hours and needless to say I was going a bit up the wall. No one would tell me anything conclusive except that it was talking longer than expected. All sorts of things were going through my head at that point. After all, I was still scarred from my mother’s death even if it was well over a year since that time, I dealt with a whole lot with her in and out of hospitals not being told too much. This is the time where HIPPA starts to break down, this is our loved one we want answers.

So, why do I come to talk about this today. Well, guess what years later I am dealing with yet another family member going under the knife. Again there is a waiting game. I think most of you understand when I say that doctors can assure us that the procedure is routine but unfortunately we are never given a guarantee. So, again it was back to waiting for word and hoping for the best. The waiting is the hardest part whether you’re doing it in a hospital waiting room or at home. While waiting your mind can think about all sorts of things and some not good.

Adult Coloring Why I love It


As some of you may know one of my new hobbies is adult coloring. I even started a group here on Blogjob for those such as myself who are into this new but old craze. I say old but new because coloring books actually gp back decades in time. Even the adult coloring books have been around for awhile. So, what caused it to become so well-known to where it’s now possible to find adult coloring books even in our local dollar stores. Well, it might help that one was advertised on TV last year as a way to unwind after a long day. After that it seem like coloring was taking off again.

So, how did I get into this. Well, I will admit that I was curious about getting into coloring again. I needed something other than being online and I wasn’t doing too much sewing at that time which is my other favorite hobby. However, I couldn’t afford to buy any of the coloring books being advertised and this was before I found them in the dollar store. Than last Christmas my sister happen to give me one as a present and said that she hoped I didn’t find this an odd present. She just thought I needed something to get me away from the Internet. I guess she saw that need as well. I didn’t find the gift odd at all and found it funny that she had the same thoughts that I did.

After all, I work online, and to be honest we can enjoy the Internet, but it’s not the most relaxing place to be at times. So, I did need another outlet and coloring has now become it. I now have added eleven more coloring books to the one that she gave me at Christmas. I find that I not only enjoy coloring but finding new designs to color as well. For me coloring is not only creative but relaxing as well. It’s the kind of hobby where a person doesn’t need to change too much of their lives to do. When sitting there watching TV, I am coloring, when in a waiting room I am coloring. This is also something great to do during a lunch break at work. Anyway, whatever the hectic things life may bring us I am of the firm belief that there is always time to color even if it’s just for twenty minutes.

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Songs that Move Me!



I think all of us who love music have songs that for some reason or another move us to tears. Just hearing these songs can remind us of something or someone. I know there are several songs that can move me, three in particular that have special meaning.

Wind Beneath My Wings

The version by Bette Midler is a song that I dedicated to my mother one Mother’s Day. She absolutely loved the song, and I bought her a CD with the song on it. Now that she is deceased whenever I hear this song it can move me to tears, and as silly as it sounds there are times when I hear it on the radio I feel like its my mother trying to give me a message of some kind.

To Sir with Love

I never dedicated this song to my father, but now when I hear the lyrics of this song I can’t help but think of him. The song kind of sums up the relationship I had with him.  He could be a hard person to understand that times but he was someone who had a great deal of determination and pass that fighting spirit to his kids. Yes, I know it was a song used in a movie about a schoolteacher, yet for me it holds true when it comes to how I felt about my father. I only wished I had dedicated this song to him while he was still with me.

All At Once

This is a Whitney Houston song that can really get to me; especially the opening line about taking a moment to realize that a person isn’t coming back. Yes, the song is about a broken relationship but it can also mean losing someone, you love period. When I happened to hear this song shortly after my mother’s death, it moved me literally to tears. Because this is true also in death it may takes us a while to realize that the person won’t be coming back.

So, there you have it some songs that still move me even to this day.  I am sure that many of you also have songs that make you feel that way and I hope you will take this opportunity to share them.

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In Defense of Dolls


I will admit it openly out lout that I love dolls. In fact, I am a grown woman who still owns some dolls. I also have created doll clothes along the way some of which I have sold online over the past several years. Yet, although I love dolls I have read comments from individuals online where dolls have been criticized and some individuals have stated that they find dolls creepy. Hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I feel the need to defend my poor dolls.

I have to say that Hollywood hasn’t helped the perception of dolls that some of us have. There were the Child’s Play films; I’m amazed that Hasbro and Mattel didn’t take Chucky to court for defamation of character. I know Chucky isn’t real, thank goodness, but you know what I mean when I say that these films didn’t help the image of dolls in general that’s for sure. Then there is The Conjuring, the original Poltergeist film, Puppet Master, just to name a few other movies where dolls come across demonic.

Movies aren’t the only culprits in giving dolls a bad rap. Remember the Stephen King mini-series Tommy Knockers, yeah dolls came to life to do the aliens bidding. This goes all the way back to the original Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, both had stories about killer dolls. Thank you, Rod Sterling, I can’t be certain but I think you may have started this trend of killer dolls.

So, poor dolls now have a bad rap because of the way Hollywood has portrayed them over the years. Well, I still love them, that hasn’t changed and probably never will. I have dolls that I love, a few of which use to belong to my mother. Yes, she was another person who loved dolls no matter how old she was.

Photo Credit this is my own personal photograph of one of my dolls

You Named It: When You Name It You Become Attached To It!

disney-832072_640For those of you, such as myself who have seen the movie Monster’s Inc. you probably remember this classic line. Sully says it to Mike when he discovers that his friend named the child Boo that has entered Monstropolis, a place where Monsters live and children aren’t allowed. For those of you who missed the seen Sully looked over at Mike and said you named it, do you know what happens when you name it? You start becoming attached to it. Every time I hear this line, I have to laugh because there is much truth to that statement.

It does seem like when we name something such as an animal we do start to form an attachment to it. Years ago my brother helped a small dog be kept from being hit by a car. He didn’t know where the dog lived because the dog had no color. He brought the dog home and we started to call him Buddy because it seems like something to call him till we found his owners. But in that time we grew attached to the dog and he grew attached to us. Eventually his previous owners ended up letting us have the dog because that attachment was so great.

Then there are the stray or should I say feral cats in our neighborhood, My sister and I have named more then one of these. We even started to love some of them as if they were our own pets. So, yes again we became attached to them. To the point of buying them food and even taking a few to the Vet. I guess the thing that puts some truth to the statement that when we name it we start becoming attached it it is the fact that when we name something it starts to become real to us. We start seeing it as more than just something that wondered into our yard. The animal starts to form an identity.

So, when I watch Monster’s Inc. I still laugh at that line. Because it’s very true, when we name it we do become attached to it. But I find it hard not to name these cats, no matter how much I tell myself not to become attached.

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Is the News Media Over Analyzing the Death of Superstar Prince?



Like so many of you I was stunned a week ago to find out that musical artist Prince had died. He was found dead in his home by his staff. Since than of course there has been an investigation into the cause of death. Very little is known as this time other than that he had been ill for a few weeks before but was refusing to stop his appearances and was under a doctors care. Many of the test on his body have yet to come back, so we don’t know anything conclusive at this time. Has that stopped the news media from talking about him and making assumptions? Unfortunately, no its hasn’t.

I actually was appalled last night while watching the news that there was a report asking if he died from an overdose. Why in the world did we have to jump to that conclusion so quickly. Yes, I know there were some very tragic deaths linked to drug overdoes and lethal cocktails in the celebrity world. What am I saying there are some in day to day life we just don’t hear about these because the person isn’t famous.

The thing is these reports have me shaking my head. First they want to talk about the doctor and the fact that Prince felt the need to thank this doctor at one of his last public appearances? My response why is this doctor under fire? Yes, I know about what happened to fellow performer Michael Jackson at the hands of a member of the medical community but come on do I need to remind the news media that Prince had an existing health condition epilepsy and he had also been sick. So, maybe this doctor was with him to help keep an eye on his over all health, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Than there is the part that really has me laughing, the news media carries on about prescription drugs being found in his house.

Why do I laugh at this report? Because such a thing isn’t as uncommon as they are making it out to be. There are very few households out there that don’t have prescription drugs in them. I know this because I have to admit there are some in my home. I also have visited stores such as CVS and saw people standing in line at the Pharmacy. This is a mulch-billion dollar business for a reason I am sorry to say.

I realize that Prince’s death came out of nowhere at us and when someone who has been so beloved by the community dies we want answers or we tend to stand around analyzing it, but there are other things for the news media to dwell on right now. For example, apparently he didn’t leave a will, given his vast estate why not. Than there is the fact that he was the only one who had the combination to his vault that contained all his music why is that. These are stories that could be addressed right now about this man who could be so benevolent to his fans but was a very private and guarded person none the less. Why don’t we just leave the cause of death alone till we have more answers? Sorry, I just felt the need to vent about this, right now we don’t know why Prince died and we need to just leave it alone till we do know we will eventually get a coroner’s report.


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Please Install Super Socializer Plugin.

social-1148035_640 (1)


I don’t mean to dictate to individuals here on Blogjob but this is something that I would like to ask of my fellow participants here.  I have visited many wonderful sites here and I find that I can’t share the great articles on social media.  Why because the social media icons aren’t present. Now I recently found out about how to go about placing the social media icons on my sites, but it was something that I made sure I was able to do.

Why, because drawing traffic to our sites is the name of the game.  We want the independent views and Blogjob wants them as well.  It’s important to the website to continue to draw traffic here.

Let’s think about this further for a minute.  Think about how many followers each of us could have on Twitter, friends on Facebook and the list goes on.  These are individuals who could help bring up the views that we have here on blogjob.  As many others have stated in blogs themselves this process isn’t that hard to achieve.  Perhaps the most difficult part is signing into WordPress.  But the rest is fairly simple.  If you want to know the process again here are the steps:

Go to you site and then to its dashboard.  Look down the menu to the left to plugins, and select it.  Look at the menu and choose super socializer than press the word activate right underneath it.  From there you could be prompted to log into wordpress and if you are you put in this information.  Than after that you are brought back to Blogjob and will be asked if you want to set up a jet pack, but this isn’t necessary to do.  At this point the site now has the social media icons.  One way to be sure go to the home page of the site and you should see the icons to the left of the screen.

Yes, this process will have to be done for each site you have.  But it’s a fairly simple process.  Sorry, to get so preachy here but I know that points and views are the name of the game on Blogjob by not having social media icons we miss out on a whole viewing audience that is being left untapped.


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Do Spirits Communicate with Us?


I know that this is something people have pondered when it comes to the spirit world do they actually communicate with us. Having lost a few close loved ones in my life I do believe there are ways that those in the spirit world do communicate with us. This may sound like a silly thing to say but I have witness some odd thing in my day to day life that have made me feel that my loved on is trying to communicate with me. Here are some of the ways that I think this is taking place.

Electrical devices

Don’t ask why but spirits seem to love electricity. Look it up online it’s true this seems to be a way that many feel spirits communiate with the living. So, if the lights tend to flicker or a TV or VCR seem to turn on without explanation it could be a spirit as silly as that may sound.

Dream world

Because the subconscious is quite receptive Spirits find it easy to communicate with individuals in their dreams. Many of us, myself included have no doubt had dreams of a departed loved one. Sometimes these dreams are trying to tell us something or in some cases it’s just giving us a chance to see them yet again. I don’t believe this is just dream but an actual visitation.


Is there a familiar scent that reminds you of someone who has passed, such as a favorite perfume. Then for some odd reason smell the scent in the air. Its possible that the person is letting it be known that they are around. Yes, I have actually experienced this one as well, I would smell a scent that I associate with the individual no longer with me for no apparent reason.

Hear a song that reminds you of that person.

Is there is special song that reminds you of that person. There was one where my mother was concerned and there are times when I hear it that I feel it’s her way of letting me know she is around. Yes, some could say this is a mere coincidence, and maybe it is but just hearing the song does make me feel better.

So, these are ways that I think that spirits could communicate with us from the after life. Yes, some could tell me these are all a coincidence, but I personally don’t think so. Maybe I am just using wishful thinking here wanting to believe that my loved ones are communicating with me, but I like to believe that even in death we are never parted from those we loved.

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Visiting Yard Sales


There is an old saying one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. I think this old saying does hold true when it comes to a yard sale. There are people trying to get rid of some stuff they no longer need or want for one reason or another and hope to earn money doing so. Than there are those of us patronizing yard sales who hope to find something we are looking for at a great price.

I have to admit that I have started to visit more yard sales in my neighborhood in recent years. Especially now that Thrift Stores seem to be becoming obsolete in my area, so this is where I go to get a great deal. In the past I have managed to find clothing, towels and other items I had been looking for at a savings from what I could of paid some place else at retail. Yes, there could be an argument here that when you buy something at a yard sale your buying it as is, this could be the reason why I tend not to look at electronics that are for sale. But does this really matter when it comes to other items that are still in mint condition such as clothing?

Let’s remember that at one time these items were brand new, and if these items are still in mint condition who will actually know it was second hand unless we inform them. I have found that this is not only a great way to find clothes in my size to wear but also clothes to take apart. You read that right I take clothes apart and recycle them for the fabric. As sewer who loves to make doll clothes I find that this is a great way to get great fabrics to make clothes out of. It’s an idea that I got from my mother who would do the same thing take clothing and recycle it to make something else.

There is something else that I like about a yard sale and that is that I am helping someone make some extra money. So, in some ways a yard sale could considered to be a win situation for all involved, I get something nice I have been looking for and the person selling the item earns money they didn’t have before. So, how many of you are like me, you have to stop when you see a yard sale to see what great buy you can find?

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