Making More Money On Mykites

I am a blogger here and I am able to earn up to $120 per month. We recently lowered our daily point limit. Before I was able to earn up to $360 here per month but now it is considerably less than it once was. So I have been trying to work on blogging on another site. I also blog on Mykites.

I haven’t yet redeemed there. I am hoping that they payout and aren’t like bubblews. I do not know yet. You earn both a certain amount when your blog post over there gets either a view, like or comment similar to how you would over on bubblews. You also earn points known as flight points.

How they work is that you earn flight points each time you get a view, comment or like on your blog posts. I guess once you reach 5000 points over there you are able to redeem. I haven’t been working there before much but have been trying to work harder over there.

We are allowed to write up to 10 blog posts over on mykites per day. So I will try to write most days and reach the limit of blog posts as often as I can there. My goal is try and redeem on mykites as soon as a month to two months from now.

I figure that won’t be such a hard goal to reach. I will keep you all updated on my progress as well as once I redeem and how the payout works and what have you. I have about 330 points or so. I am hoping that I can end up reaching 400 points or so over there today. Then after that I will maybe set some sort of daily goal.

I think it is mainly about being active on the site. That really helps you out a great deal or so it seems.

6 thoughts on “Making More Money On Mykites

  1. I’m a member of MyKites but I haven’t done anything there for months because I wasn’t finding it worth the effort. I hope it works out better for you.

    • I haven’t made much but I hope I make more. We shall see.

    • Yes my earnings haven’t been much over there. I am trying to be much more active and it has helped a little but not much. I hope it gets better.

  2. I am not sure if your move is good, but we cannot know it unless we try. I already left the site. I am earning 0.048 a day from it and there are less views and comments, there are less people too, however if all should cooperate with blogs of one another, you can reach 5000 in a just a month. I reached that for a month and that is consistently blogging 10 a day, visiting other blogs, but right now it will not be possible to me since I am earning less 0.048.

  3. At mylot you can make $10 or more a month. So many people from bubble are there, I have cashed out a couple times and I was not there very much so I can imagine I could make good money there. You are automatic cashed out at the first day of the month as long as you have $10 and will be paid within two weeks. I have always got paid from mylot.

  4. I am a member too at mykites but i don’t kite there often because my earning very low, not even 5 cents per day

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