Our Recent Point Decrease

As many of you members here on blogjob know we had a recent point decrease. We all have a certain point limit that we are able to reach each day. Once we reach that daily point limit than we no longer get any points for anything that we do here.

Many newer members had a point limit of 150 points per day. That is equal to about 3 blog posts as we are awarded 50 points per blog posts. For those new members who haven’t completed projects to raise their daily point limit there point limit was decreased to 100 points per day.

For some of us older members we lost the ability to earn much more than 50 points per day. I for example was able to earn 1200 points per day. Now that has been lowered by 800 points! A big hit that neg. effected me. Now I can earn about 400 points per day here.

There are still a couple of other projects that I can complete that would than raise my daily point limit up to 1300 points if I complete them. The other two projects that I need to work on are the professional blogger which will raise my point limit by 400 points. How I can earn that project is by drawing at least 10,000 viewers to my blog site per day.

I would like to complete that project if I am able to. Than the last project I would need to work on is the community manager. That will further increase my daily point limit by 500 points or a total of 1300 points.

I sometimes need to be able to earn at least 1200 points per day or $360 per month here. Now I can make about $120 per month. I haven’t always been focusing on earning points here. Now with my dramatic decrease in daily point limit I feel it will be far easier for me to reach 400 points here each day.

So even though when I need $360 I won’t have it right away I should be able to make at least $100 or so here most months which is a slight improvement from some months.

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