How You Can Make Money Without Any

So I have been talking about different ways that you can make money even if you do not have any extra to spare. Earlier I talked about how you can create a start up business with nothing more than an idea and get people to fund it for you.

Today I will be discussing another money making way that you can invest nothing more then time, effort, your thoughts and a bit of work. This takes not much more then an idea. You can come up with a product invention, an idea, or even a way to improve upon something and cash out.

It doesn’t take a great deal of time and little to no money on your part. How this can be done is that you come up with an idea. Maybe it is for a great product that you think others may find useful. Or perhaps it is a method that a company can use to improve upon something. No matter what it is just get to thinking and brain storming. Come up with several great ideas you think other folks may be able to benefit from.

Once you come up with a great one and have done a bit of research to find out if it already exists are not then you have to put a bit of work. What you can do is file for a patent pending. It isn’t as pricey as a patent itself and you are able to tweak it within about a 12 month period if need be.

If it is an invention or a product you don’t even need to make a model or anything like that to make money from it. Once you have a patent pending on it you then can draw up a sheet based on what the product is about. You than call the marketing department of a company you think would like your product and pitch the idea to them. If they like it they will buy it from you and you make a great deal of money.

You also have to set up a contract with them that states you make a certain amount from the sales of the product. A fairly simple and easy and almost free low cost investment that can make you a great deal of money.

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