What Will I Do?!

My whole world has been shattered. After this huge point reduction here on blogjob I now am able to earn $8 less then I was able to earn each day before. I have under a couple of dollars in my bank account. I was working hard to earn enough points with my old daily point limit of 1200 so that I could have enough points to redeem here on Saturday.

Now my point limit for each day is 400. I am shocked and disappointed to say the least. There is a big snowstorm headed my way this weekend. I need to pay my electric and heat bill by the weekend and wouldn’t have imagined in a million years out of no where blogjob would take away everyone’s ability to earn points. Or greatly reduce it.

Mine by 800 points less! I just had a few more days to work hard and earn 1200 points every day and then I would have cashed out via paypal for $100. Paypal takes a cut so I would have gotten around $96 or so but that would have been enough to have heat and light and maybe some food.

I ┬ánow have the ability to make $120 per month here. Before it was $360. I don’t know what I will do when I need that money like now. How will I make $2 last me a few more weeks? How will I keep myself and my birds warm during the snow? What will I do about food?!

I feel sad and scared and lost and just don’t know what to do. This is the worst. I would sell something but I don’t have anything to sell. I walk around with holes in most my clothes. There is no emergency fund or someone that will just magically help me. I don’t know what to do I am at loss for words.

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