Unexpected Pay Decrease

Imagine working for a job and then suddenly without warning being told that you will now be getting paid far less then what you agreed that you would and also that the amount of a raise that you got paid for working for x amount of years would be taken away.

As any could imagine that would be devastating. Especially for those of us who have bills and certain financial obligations that they have to make. With an announced and unforwarned pay decrease how does one pick up from that sort of damage.

While it would be great if all of us had someone who could help us out in a time of need such as that. It would be helpful if we had a credit card or money saved up or anything like that. But for some that is just not an option.

I know that some programs and local churches will offer help for those that are put in a situation where they need help. I don’t know a great deal about it but the ones I have looked in to before all either had a limit on how many folks that they helped out.

Which meant that it wasn’t easy and was almost like winning the lotto getting lucky enough to be helped. Other places have only certain times that they help people out. While some have a limit on who they help but also a weight list to get even a chance to be possibly helped.

I am glad that such things exist for those who need it. But what in the world could one do if they had a sudden pay decrease from work? Or perhaps they got fired, layed off from work, injured or had some other type of emergency. How I wish there was an answer for that.

One thought on “Unexpected Pay Decrease

  1. grace

    Life takes unpredicted turns in several areas. One needs to be prepared for such eventualities.

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