Still Adjusting

I am still adjusting to the changes here on blogjob. I understand why it was done but wish we were given warning and told we needed to work on things to avoid this problem. I had been counting on getting paid $100 this Saturday for all my work. This would have helped to pay my bills that needed to be payed and allowed me to get some food.

But now out of no where the points have been lowered. No warning just log on one day and they are adjusted and then there is mention of it in the news section form. For older bloggers who have earned the chance to earn much more then the min of just 150 points per day may be deeply discouraged.

I for example was able to earn 1200 points per day and that was lowered to just 400 points. Maybe for some that is more then enough. Not when you have bills to pay and are depending on it. So even if I managed to work hard and earn the other projects I wouldn’t even be earning close to what I was before.

Doesn’t cause for much motivation. I have tried spending hours upon hours publishing my blog posts and sharing them. And Have gotten near to 70,000 views over time at least. And yet for that amount I was payed a bit less than $4. So aside from some minor adjustment I really don’t think I could do a great deal to make much more then that.

I would probably be better off opening up my own blog site as I doubt at a rate like that I would be able to amass enough traffic to make a difference. Might get lucky and make a few bucks or so but with little reason as to why it is slowly making less and less since as time goes on.

While I don’t want to give up for those who had higher earning abilities this is almost a way of saying you don’t matter all that much.

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