Promoting Blog Posts

I really want to work on increasing the traffic here on blogjob to my blogging sites. I have a few different ones but this is my main blogging site that I tend to use the most. Here on blogjob we are able to monetize our blog. And so the more traffic we get the more we can make. But in addition to the financial aspect I would like it if more people could discover my writing and could hopefully possibly benefit from it as well.

So I am going to be working on promoting my blog posts much more then I ever have before. I have shared my blog site to many different places. I mainly use social networks to share my various different blog posts.

For example I have both a facebook and Twitter account. I will share my blog posts over there on both of my walls. In addition to sharing it on my walls I will also share in groups on facebook. Groups about blogging or even related groups to what I am writing about. A decent amount of my traffic that my blog site has gotten has come from Facebook.

I also have several boards over on Pinterest that I post and share my blog posts on. I get some traffic sometimes from there. Posting on Stumbleupon has helped my blog get discovered so much more then before. I try to post on there often. And that site really does help.

I also post my blogs over on Tsu, Rabadaba as well as tumblr and even the plaq app. I have included links to my blog on my YouTube channel and post over on Google plus as well. Sometimes I even will share my blogs over in various different forums. And wordpress is a great way to share your blog too.

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