Points Dramatically Decreased

I have been a member here on blogjob for about 2 years now. When I first joined we didn’t have any sort of limits here. We could do any activity on the site as much as possible and many things were worth much more points then they currently are now.

We got something like 10 points for updates on our wall, 10 points for starting a new group. Then after some time Blogjob decided to put limits on activities. We were only rewarded so many points for doing certain things for a number of times each day.

Then points that we were rewarded for many tasks here greatly went down. I wasn’t too happy about that as many members weren’t. Some quit and others just dealt with it as did I. Then we had to share our blog posts a min. of 10 times. At first that was quite a lot as many people didn’t have that many social accounts to share them to.

Shortly after it was then lowered to 5 which was reasonable. We then got a daily point limit which could be increased by doing several different tasks on the site know as projects. I worked hard and unlocked or completed all of them except the last two. I had even spent hundreds of dollars to join Jerky Direct and even start a website for it here and contributed many blogs to get a business blogger project.

I was so happy as I had been awarded for all my thousands of hours invested, introducing tons of people to the website who singed up and contributed and was then able to earn 1200 points per day. Which wasn’t enough for me and my living costs but it was alright.

I was working hard and planned on going from what I have now in the bank, less then a couple of dollars to get $96 something via paypal after paypal costs from redeeming here. I would then have a little money for food and also so I didn’t have to get my electricity and heat turned off. I had just a few more days and would have cashed out on Saturday.

Today it was announced that our point limit is greatly reduced. Mine by 800 points per day which is equal to $8! Considering I put a lot of work in I hardly think a reduction that large is fare at all. And the sad part is even if I completed the business blogger once again for a second time and spend money I don’t have and then the other two I won’t even be earning close to what I was.


One thought on “Points Dramatically Decreased

  1. I have to wonder, though, are you writing a business blog? It seems more like a personal journal so far….

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