Getting Fit And Healthy

I have been working hard to try and lose some weight, get healthy and to try and reach my ultimate goal weight by sometime this summer if I am able to. So far I have been doing pretty good. I have lost almost 10 pounds since I started the weight loss journey.

My ultimate goal weight is to get down between 125-135 pounds or so. That is a healthy goal weight for someone of my height. Or 5 feet almost 5 inches. As of right now the last I weighed myself I weighed 165.4 pounds. And when I started out I weighed 174.6 pounds.

I know that even if I got down to 145 pounds I would be at an alright weight. So I am getting closer to there all the time. I have been intermediate fasting. Which is good for you. I don’t eat anything throughout the day and then have something to eat at night.

I am still cutting down on calories a bit and end up having as much as I need to to be healthy but still shed some of those unwanted pounds at the same time. I just give my body a rest for several hours and then eat what I need to at night.

This fasting technique is suppose to speed up your metabolism so that you are in fact burning fat when you aren’t eating at a much faster rate. In addition to that I have cut out sodas. I have been drinking mainly water along with some lemonade sometimes and tea.

Today I spent about 80 min working out on the treadmill and I hope that I am able to start working out much more then I have been each week and start noticing and feeling some sort of difference. I am proud of myself and the changes that I made. I will keep everyone updated on my progress as time goes on.


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  1. In response to one reviewer’s comment about there being no guidance on the monitoring of fats, I heartily disagree. The book contains a nice, very thorough listing of items that constitute a serving of fat.

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