Working Out

Today my main focus is my online work. Mainly working here on blogjob and earning my highest point limit that I am able to earn. Which is 1200 points. It is now a little past 1 in the morning here and I have been blogging almost non stop for quite some time now.

I also have other online work that I would like to make time for today as well. And in addition to all that I need to try to spend at least a little time cleaning today also if I am able to. I am hoping to get as much work done as soon as I possibly can.

I have been trying to work on losing weight as I have mentioned before. I weighed myself yesterday and weighed 169.8 pounds. My ultimate goal weight is to weight between 125 pounds to about 135 pounds or so. I would like to manage to reach that ultimate goal weight by this summer if I am able to.

I have been intermediate fasting which is healthy and should help me speed up my metabolism which means I should be able to burn even more fat hopefully if it ends up working right. I have also been watching what I eat as well and trying to eat enough calories each day so that I can lose weight each week.

While dieting and watching what I eat helps me out a great deal though I think I could have better results if I also tried working out a little bit as well. So today if I have time I would like to go to the gym here at my apartments and work out for a bit. I more then likely will end up using the treadmill for 30 min or so maybe even 40 min. That should help me reach my weight goals even faster I would imagine.


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