Working On The8app

I have been working hard on The8app I just joined late yesterday. I guess you are able to earn some money from views on there similar to YouTube, a monetized blog or even Tsu. I haven’t seen a change in views or how much I have made over there at all so far. But I don’t know how long it may take for it to change.

For example on Tsu your earnings are shown to you every night or early in the morning. I tend to see my earnings over there around 1 to 2 or so in the morning every day. But then again over on YouTube my aprox. earnings aren’t updated until about 3 days or so. So it is possible that it may take time to see your earnings.

I will keep on posting and trying to be a bit active on the site and keep everyone posted on my progress if I see any sort of change that is. I figure that I will give this app a week or two and see how I am doing after that. If I haven’t made anything I will reconsider my time spent over there.

When you monetize anything such as a website, blog, or even social network like Tsu or Youtube it does tend to take a bit of time to build up enough viewers to make much of anything. So I may end up trying it for a month. If I haven’t made at least a few cents by then I might just give up on it.

I was hoping to get some followers and views by now but so far nothing. Though the more content I post and people I interact with I would assume the higher my chances will be of gaining exposure on there which could lead to more views and more earnings. We shall see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Working On The8app

  1. TheBapp, hmm, that is new to me, maybe I will give some visit there

    • The8app Yes I have been trying it. Hope it works out great.

  2. I haven’t heard of it before. Will check it out. 😊👍

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