Working On Projects On Blogjob

I have worked on and completed most of the projects here on Blogjob. Those projects that I have done have allowed me to increase my daily earning point limit which is great. I have completed all of the projects here except for the last two.

There is the very last one and then the professional blogger one that I would like to complete. For the Professional Blogger I would need to increase my blog site’s traffic. I need to get 10,000 views on my blog site in just a single month to qualify for that project.

I tend to get about between 1000-3000 views without doing much promoting on my blog site. So I would have to get over 3 times the amount of traffic on my blog site to be able to get the professional blogger achievement which will allow me to increase my daily point limit by an extra 400 points. Which means I could then earn up to 1600 points here per day which is equal to $16 each day.

With my point limit now I can earn $12 a day or 1200 points. Which is equal to $360 a day if I earned my point limit on a daily bases. That means if I got that project and increased my blog site traffic I would be able to make an additional $120 per month! Or a total of about $480 which would help me out so much.

Since this month is almost over I probably won’t focus too much on doing it. Though I might try to reach it next month. I plan on sharing my blog post links on several different social networks. I would need to get a little more then 333 views on my blog site per day which might not be easy but I would assume it might be doable. I am excited to try and hope that I can make it happen!


One thought on “Working On Projects On Blogjob

  1. If I share your links on social media I get 1 point per visitor but I am not sure if the view is also counted for you. Maybe yes.

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