Working On Losing Weight

I am working on trying to lose weight. I have already lost almost 5 pounds so far. I am hoping that I will be able to lose the rest of the weight in time for summer! My ultimate goal weight is to get down to anywhere between 125 through 135 pounds. I am 5 feet almost 5 inches tall so this is actually a healthy weight for someone of my height.

I hate to admit it but I started out weighing a little more then 174 pounds. This is the most that I have ever weighed in my whole entire adult life. It isn’t considered obese but I was not far off from it. I am considered overweight for my height and what have you.

I weigh myself throughout the week and my weight tends to fluctuate a few pounds here and there. Considering that I have been watching what I eat, my calorie intake and what not as well as trying to work out a little bit more I doubt that I am gaining weight or even staying the same.

The last I weighed myself yesterday I weighed 169.8 pounds. So that means that I have lost almost 5 pounds or half a size already. I still have over 34 more pounds to go to reach my ultimate goal weight. And just a couple more months or maybe a few more to get there.

I really need to try and work out a bit more if I possibly can. It isn’t easy but I imagine I could try. I can’t wait until I am down to at least 150 or 145 or so. But I just need to stay focused and take it day to day. It is great that I am no longer in my 170s and now am in my 160s. I hope this week I end up making some progress and will keep you all updated on my progress.

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