Should I Call It A Night Or Not

I have been working very hard on my online work for the last several hours. I wanted to get as much of my blogging done here today on blogjob before I even considered going to sleep. As I want to be able to redeem my points as soon as possible and more then likely that will end up being on this upcoming Saturday.

I will still have to earn a few thousand points on Saturday but since I tend to spend the weekends with my boyfriend over at his place I wanted to try and earn the max number of points that I possibly could up until then so I didn’t have to do much if any work at all for that day.

I am able to earn up to 1200 points here on blogjob each day. I ended up earning well over half. After this blog post I will end up just needing to write about 7 or 8 more blog posts to be able to reach my point limit here today. And since writing each blog post takes me maybe 8-10 min or so that should take me maybe a little more then an hour to manage to do.

While that really isn’t much time at all I am thinking to myself, well it is already almost 3 in the morning here and I have to admit that I am feeling rather tired. Not to mention the fact that I tend to write my blog posts in the living room of my one bedroom apartment where I keep my birds and I don’t want them to lose sleep just because of me.

So while I would love to stay up just one more hour or a little bit more then that and finish up my online work for today or at least here. I am thinking that maybe I should strongly consider trying to lie down and get some rest.

2 thoughts on “Should I Call It A Night Or Not

  1. There have been times when I worked around the clock to get everything I want to get done, done. Since I started blogging it seems like I work none stop.

  2. I’m a newbie here, so it comes as a surprise that you are allowed 7 or 8 blog posts and earn up to 1200 points each day. What is your secret if you don’t mind me asking?

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