Running Out Of Shows To Watch

So I have been spending several hours working hard on my online work. While I have been doing that I have been watching various different shows that I enjoy watching on Hulu. I have a small handful of different shows that I like watching and I have been pretty much binge watching them as I have been working.

I watched several different new episodes of different shows that I liked and I am starting to get close to running out of shows to watch. I watched The Mindy Project up to the last newest episode that is on Hulu. I watched The show, The Grinder and also The Catch. Which is a really amazing show.

I watched all the newest posted episodes of The Last Man On Earth as well. And I am now about to get all caught up on watch Izombie. I don’t really watch regular tv and mainly will watch shows or movies on either Hulu or Netflix. So I have been binge watching new episodes of some of the shows I like on Hulu at least recently.

I think a new episode just came out on The Mindy Project and I am all caught up on Jane The Virgin. So after watching a few new episodes of Izombie and then the latest on The Mindy Project I guess if none of my other shows that I tend to watch has new episodes posted on Hulu I am going to have to try to find another show that I enjoy watching.

I will watch several episodes of one show in a single sitting sometimes. I am glad that I am able to enjoy those shows while I am working. It makes my work much more enjoyable and helps me seemingly be more productive as well at the same time.

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