My Redemption Goals

Here on blogjob we have a point system. We are given a certain number of points that we can earn each day. We can complete projects here and increase our daily point limit. We are able to earn points in various different ways. Task such as updating our profile, commenting on someones post. Writing in the forum and blogging among other things.

I am able to earn up to 1200 points each day because I completed several tasks here on blogjob. We now have just three rewards that we can pick for our points. We can redeem for bitcoins on coinbase. We are able to redeem for an Amazon Gift card or get paid through Paypal.

I always choose the Paypal payout option. We can redeem for up to $100 through Paypal once we reach 10,000 points. I think we can get $25 for 5000 points and $50 for 7500 but I always wait until I reach 10,000 points because it is the best deal out of all the options.

Right now I have a bit more then 5000 points. I am over half way toward being able to redeem my points. Since I both want and need to redeem as soon as I possibly can I am going to work hard this week to make it happen as soon as possible.

My original goal was to reach it by this Friday. I didn’t work hard enough yesterday so instead I am aiming to reach my redemption here by Saturday at the latest. I have to earn the max amount of points here or 1200 points every single day, today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. And then I have to earn a few hundred points on Saturday and I should be able to redeem my points shortly after.

I think what I might end up doing is staying up late, past 11 at night here and then earning the rest of the points on Friday night.

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