My Points On Blogjob

I have been a member here on blogjob for quite some time now. At least a couple of years now. I love this site and really enjoy it here. I have grown and learned so much as a writer and blogger. I have meet some great people online. Been able to help others and change people’s life for the better. There is so much support here. This is by far the best blogging site ever.

When I first started we didn’t have any sort of limits. We could do several different tasks as much as we wanted. We were allowed to blog or earn as many points as we possibly could in a single day. And that was great I loved it! But because it wouldn’t be profitable or would take away from both the site and everyone else limits were put into place.

We were given limits to how much we were rewarded for doing various different tasks here on blogjob such as posting updates, joining groups, writing on forums and other social tasks like that. We were also given a point limit as well. I believe most new members get something like 100-150 or so point limit when they first join.

Everyone is able to complete several tasks here on blogjob that can be found in the reward section so that they are able to earn even more points then whatever there current point limit is. My daily point limit is 1200 points. Which isn’t bad though I wish it were a bit higher and points were per month instead of per day.

But I completed all of the achievements here aside from the last two to increase my daily point limit. The next one is professional blogger and I would need to get 10,000 visitors per month on my blog site to gain an increase of 400 points for my daily point limit.

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