My Earnings On Tsu Now

So I have been a member on the social networking site Tsu for well over a year now. I think that I joined there shortly after they first launched there site in October 2014. I joined I believe it was the last week or close to the last week in October of 2014. I have almost 700 children on Tsu which are members in my downline. And a network of over 3000. Which means people my Tsu children invited.

I have almost 12.400 followers and nearly 5000 friends. Now not all of my Tsu children are active. Many have abandoned the site due to the fact it takes a lot to even make a very little over on Tsu. And even some of my Network or my Tsu grandchildren are inactive as well.

But even despite those numbers I don’t make a whole lot over there. When I am somewhat active I tend to make between 30-60 cents or so most days. And by being active or somewhat active I just mean by posting maybe 20 times between posting and shares.

For quite some time I would spend several hours every single day on Tsu maxing out my comment, share, and like limit as well as post and follow limit too. I would spend something like 8 to ten hours sometimes even more over there each day. And the only difference it would make is that some days I would make $1 or a little more then that.

For $1 ten hours. Not worth it. I think that I may just try to post as much as I can and see what my earnings looks like after doing that for several days or weeks or so. I have redeemed twice and got a check both times for $100. I am working on my third redemption there. By the looks of it I might be able to redeem again in another 3-4 months or so.


2 thoughts on “My Earnings On Tsu Now

  1. At that time, I have no iPhone yet. I am only using my Nokia phone and couldn’t access Tsu that’s why I didn’t join there. 🙂

  2. I have all but abandon my participation in TSU. It’s not that the earnings are minuscule but I’d rather use the long hours for writing which is the reason I join blogjob.

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