My Current Goals For Today

So today I am working on my goals and what I plan on doing for today. It is almost 1 am in the morning here. I am going to focus mainly on earning my daily point limit here on blogjob. Including this blog post I have about 18 or so more that I have to write to reach my daily point limit of 1200 points.

I would like to be able to get to 10,000 points on blogjob as soon as possible and I would need to earn the max number of points every day and then a few hundred on Saturday to be able to do that. I am a little more then half of the way toward being able to redeem.

So my main focus will be blogging here. If I manage to get that done I might end up writing a few more blog posts and putting them in drafts here. Then I will publish that as soon as I can earn more points here. I think including this blog post I need around 98 more blog posts and then I should be able to redeem.

In addition to focusing on blogjob there are other things that I hope I have both the time and energy to do. I want to post the max amount of times that I can on Tsu. I am able to earn about 50-60 cents or so on there when I am pretty active each day. And I am wondering if I am as active as I can be if I am able to earn closer to $1 over there per day.

After that I will focus on writing on mykites, maybe making some YouTube videos. Working on Rabadaba and other earning sites that I use. If I manage to get all of that done then I would like to clean a little too and possibly work out too.

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