How I Manage To Blog So Much

I have been a blogger for several years now. I enjoy blogging and love writing too. It is great that I am able to combine my passions and hopefully help other people while at the same time managing to make myself and other people a little extra money at the same time as well.

I mainly blog here on Blogjob. It is the highest and best paying blogging site that I have ever come across. Now you can build up your own blogging site, though I have to admit it isn’t an easy thing to do. And money can be scarce and quite slow for a very long time.

I also have a couple of other places that I blog from as well, though I make considerably less then I do with blogjob. Here on Blogjob I am able to earn a limited number of points. I completed enough tasks here so that now I am able to earn up to 1200 points each day.

I am awarded for doing various different social tasks but the highest task that I get paid for here on blogjob is for blogging. I get 50 points for blogging which is equal to 50 cents if I redeem at 10,000 points. So with no social task that means I could blog up to 24 times per day.

But with some social tasks I end up doing here that means I could end up doing about 22-23 blog posts that are at least 300 words long. What I end up doing when I earn the max number of points on blogjob is that I will open several tabs for new blog posts. That way I can write my blog post. Publish it and then work on however many more that I need to do.

It is far easier to get my work done then just depending on myself for writing the exact number that I need.

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