Hair Relaxer

So I really want to get this hair relaxer that I saw over at Sephora. My hair is naturally very curly but because I straighten it so much using a hot tool or straightening iron it is rather damaged. And it is hard enough to manage non damaged curls but trying to work with curls that have been damaged is far from easy.

It typically takes me between 30 min to closer to an hour to straighten my hair using a straightening iron. I don’t wash my hair daily but more like 2 or usually about 3 times per week. And unless I decide to either wear my hair up or have it naturally curly then it takes me almost an hour each time to straighten it 3 times a week.

That is nearly 12 hours per day spent straightening my hair so it looks how I want it to. But using a straightening iron is damaging on my hair. So I really want to save up and get this relaxer that Sephora carries for my hair. Then even after washing it if the product does what it says that it is suppose to do then I won’t have to bother straightening my hair and can wear it straight without the damage until the new growth comes through.

And that probably won’t be bad for at least a month or two. And after that I could always get more product and apply it on the new growth. I hope that I am able to save up for it and get that product very soon. I think that it would be a very dramatic life changer for my hair.

It does cost over $70 with tax so it isn’t cheap. I wish I had that kind of extra money but I will have to try to work harder and save if I am able to so I can get it as soon as possible.

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