Trying To Work Much Harder

So more often then not I give in to my fibromyalgia tiredness that I so often feel. And on top of that I also suffer from depression so I don’t always work as hard as I really should or maybe even could work. I have been trying to work on that. And spending more time trying to get my online work done.

I do have to admit I haven’t given it my all but I have improved upon getting work done much better than I have before. And for that I am very proud of myself. It isn’t easy to get started and to push yourself and even motivate yourself to get work done.

But lately I have been doing far better then I was in the past! Like Sunday for example I was here on Blogjob working very hard to try and earn as many points as I was possibly able to. I ended up earning almost the max amount of points that I can earn. I think I was about 4 blog posts away from reaching that.

I ended up earning about a little over 1000 points yesterday and my point limit on blogjob is about 1200 points. So that is a big improvement from what I normally do. It takes us 10,000 points to be able to redeem $100 here on blogjob and we get paid through Paypal soon after redeeming.

Well I could get paid about $360 or a total of 3 times per month if I managed to work hard enough here on the site. And I haven’t been blogging or working as hard as I could seeing as the last time that I redeemed my points here was back in Jan. Of this year. So it has been quite a while. But I am doing far better now. And will keep up the hard work.

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