Trying To Heal

I am trying to heal and overcome some things from my past that have neg. effected my life. It hasn’t been easy and has brought me down and made me feel very sad. But I take meds to help with the depression and that seems to help a bit.

I tried going to counsling and hypnotherapy and what have you but those didn’t work out too well in the past. So I have started going to hypnotherapy sessions normally once a week or as often as I am able to go. Sometimes my doctor is booked up, on vacation or whatever so I am not able to get in as often as I would like.

Though I do have to admit that I have been feeling so much better then I ever have since I started going. I feel so much better about myself about my future. I believe in myself more and was able to let go some what of some painful things of my past.

I do have a great deal that I have to still deal with so I would imagine that it will take time before I feel good enough to stop going to my hypnotherapy sessions. But for the time being I am glad that I am able to go to them and feel a whole lot better.

I am really looking forward to how I may end up feeling say in several months or even a year or so from now after having gone to several more hypnotherapy sessions. I am excited to see all the results just coming together from all of them. It will feel nice to finally once and for all to heal and to feel better.

It is time that I grow, heal and let go so I can move on and have a far better life then I have now!

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