Surviving Broke

As of right now I am pretty much broke. I mean not completely one hundred percent broke. But I have to admit that I don’t really have much money as of right now. I think in combination of my bank account as well as my Paypal account I have no more than $20. And I have to try to make that small amount of money last for a whole entire week.

Ok, alright, maybe not a whole entire week. But the majority of a whole week anyways. I mean 5 days. Or really, right now it is almost 12 midnight here on a Sunday. And I should be able to get paid by Friday sometime. So that means that I have no more then 4 days that I have to make that amount last.

I should be fine. At least I hope that I will be! I know that on Monday I get my report of my earnings from the Tad app. If I made over $10. Or at least $10 than I should get paid on the app this week. Last week I made enough to get paid and they ended up paying me I believe on Wed. I got paid like $24 something. So I would imagine that hopefully I end up getting at least $10. Then I would have somewhere around $30 maybe even more that I have to make do with until sometime around Friday.

I guess I won’t be going much of anywhere. Not that I often do nor can I typically afford to but this week really I won’t even have much in the way of gas to get anywhere. I don’t have much in the way of food. Luckily I have almost all of a loaf of bread, some butter and cheese. I guess I could live off of grilled cheese sandwiches for a day or two.

It won’t be easy but I got to make this happen.

2 thoughts on “Surviving Broke

  1. Look on bright side you can just maybe cashout here my bank and I are broke

    • I sure hope so. I am broke too. I think I have just a few dollars now. I hope we both are able to redeem very soon! 🙂

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