My Order From Aliexpress

Recently or about 2 nearly three weeks ago I had placed an order on Aliexpress. My boyfriend uses these Micron pens for drawing. He normally gets them from a local store near by him. He typically pays close to $3 per pen.

On Aliexpress I had found a seller in China who sold the same pens for 98 cents with free shipping. The order said for 9 pc set of pens. It showed 12 but when I checked the mail today only one had arrived. I figured that wasn’t a bad deal as long as it wasn’t a fake or anything and the pen worked great.

I checked the tracking last night for it because it said it would take close to three weeks or so to arrived. So I had figured that it didn’t come yet. I guess it was in my mailbox for over a week and a half. Well I checked my mailbox today and discovered that it was sitting there.

I got home and opened up the package. Was a bit disappointed that it was only one but was ok as long as it was a good pen. When I opened it up it was in a small orange package that was lined with bubble wrap. Inside that was the pen also wrapped in bubble wrap.

So they packaged it good and it arrived pretty fast. The downside when I opened it up was that the ink was bleeding every where and appeared as though it might have exploded or something. Had the single pen arrived undamaged I would have been alright with the order. And especially after my man tried it out if it was the same pen and what have you.

But considering a great deal of ink and been wasted I opened up a dispute with the seller on Aliexpress. They have almost 5 days to respond back and we will see what happens.

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