How I Try To Make Money

There are several Different Ways that I make money. Because I have fibromyalgia most of those ways are from home and online. I don’t always make that much and sometimes I can work hard and long hours for very little. But when I have the energy and push myself to work hard enough I can feel so much better and make a decent amount so that I can pay my bills and have enough to get by and what have you.

For one and this is my top source of income I blog online. I have a couple of different blogging sites that I use. Or a few really. Most of them are similar to here, blogjob and they pay you per post. I blog on another one that is just monetized so I get paid based off of monitized views. And then another pays me depending on how many views, likes and comments that my content gets. A lot like the method that Bubblews was running.

I have gotten paid from here, Blogjob several times and I know that they are good about paying us every time and quite fast to be honest. And I haven’t made enough on the other sites to redeem.

I also use YouTube and have a few different YouTube channels that I create, and publish videos on. And I make a little bit through YouTube running ads that are shown to some of the people that view my videos. I also am a creator on a few different social networks that I earn a little bit from too as well as the Tad app that my YouTube fans, subscribers, viewers etc. are able to help out and view ads to earn me a little bit of money.

And those are only some ways that I earn money online. I have been trying to work harder so that I am able to make much more then I currently make. Or even a little bit more would be helpful I do have to admit!


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