Didn’t Reach My Goal

Today I set a goal of getting a little over 900 points here today on blogjob. Or a total of 948. That way I would be able to redeem my points and have money by friday considering the fact that I currently have just a couple of dollars it is something that would have really helped me out a great deal.

I blogged a whole lot on Sunday which I am rather proud of. I managed to blog some today but didn’t get too much done. I think I need almost 700 points more or somewhere around 14 more blog posts to be able to reach my goal for today.

Considering that the time on blogjob and the points change here at 11 at night. That means my point limit will change by that time. And right now it is a little bit after 10 here at night. So I highly doubt there is any way possible that I would be able to write enough blog posts to be able to make my point goal.

I felt super tired today. My upstairs neighbors were stomping around their apartment pretty early in the morning. They started doing it about 5 am or a little after here. So I had trouble getting much sleep. I keep on waking up. And when I wake up I tend to go back to sleep for several hours.

So I didn’t even get my day started until almost the evening and didn’t get much done today. I guess I could have and should have pushed harder. But at least I am doing much more work then I normally would have done on a typical day for me. So that is good.

Improvement is at least something. So I will try to do better on the next several days and hopefully I mange to reach my goal maybe by Saturday or so at the latest.


2 thoughts on “Didn’t Reach My Goal

  1. There is always time to make it up hehe

    • Yes but I will have no money until I can redeem. And was hoping to do that on Friday and needed to but I guess I will try for Saturday.

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