Another Way To Make Money

So I mainly make most of my earned income by working online. I often times will search for additional ways that I am able to make more money doing various different tasks and jobs. Recently, Today in fact I found another way of earning a bit of money online.

This is called The8app And it is basically a social network similar to Rabadaba, Tsu, Mykites and even blogjob. And how it works is that you sign up for a free profile. You then are able to post photos, text, and even videos, gifs as well as links to youtube videos as well.

You enable ads to run on your profile. When I signed up today they had suggested that I start my price out for the ads at about $1. I suppose that is the going rate for fairly new people. I then set up my profile. Filled out my basic info and things like that.

I started following over a hundred people and also posting various different videos from my Youtube channels as well as some text posts and pictures. And just things like that. They have a search option so I figure the more I post about different things the more chance I will have of getting other members interested in my profile and content.

They have both a desktop website as well as a mobile app that you can download for free on your phone. I have seen some celebrities on there. I haven’t noticed any difference in how much I made or anything. But I haven’t even been on there a full day yet.

So I figure that I will give it a little bit of time and hopefully I will be able to make a tad bit more from the app. I will keep you all posted on my earnings as time goes on.

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