Upstairs Neighbors

When I first moved into my second floor apartment there wasn’t any issues. It was rather quiet and peaceful. My obnoxious downstairs neighbors moved in. And there have been a few different upstairs neighbors that I have had. Most sad to say haven’t been the best to say the least.

At first I had an older man who was rather quiet and the worst thing he did was by accident forgot he lived on the second floor and tried his key in my 2nd floor apartment below his. It was a little startling but nothing bad.

Then I had a person with anger issues move in. When I asked the security to have him keep it down after quiet hours he threw a huge stepping stone at my door. It is policy to contact the security we have here if there is a noise complaint which is what I had done.

Well being that I am a women home alone at the time this incident happened I had called the police to file a report. If he was willing to do something like that there is no telling what else he might do. So they came and got my report and then went upstairs and talked with him. No issues after that.

Not too long after this problem he seemed to move out. A single guy in his 30s or so moved in. He had a dog that he would often play with. His dog would run around and it was rather loud. He was nice enough once to ask if it bothered me.

Then this young couple moved in after him. They fight loudly sometimes. Have heard them run through the parking lot drunk with the girl screaming at the guy. And the worst of it all is they are constantly running around stomping in the apartment.

It is rather loud and is often done late at night.

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