Trying To Make More Money

I really need to try much harder to make more money then I currently do now. More often then I should I end up some days and even a week or so I end up with little to no money. And I typically need at least a little bit to make it through the week. So I have to do something to work harder and make much more then I currently do.

Or I at least need to do something so that I am able to make even just a little more. At least so that I am not faced with being broke really any day or week of the month. That would really be a huge relief.

For example I could make up to about $360 per month just from working on blogjob alone. I would imagine even an extra $100 per month would make it so that I wasn’t broke or with little to no money at least one week of the month.

It wouldn’t be too hard to make that happen. I just have to be motivated and focused and manage my time well enough to do that. I make money from a few different sources. But even just aiming for $100 more each month would put me in a better position then I have been for some time.

On blogjob even though I can redeem at $100 and then would be able to redeem that money up to 3 times per month I haven’t redeemed $100 since back in January of this year. That means that I have let almost 3 months go by without having made enough to redeem.

If I made the max amount that I was able to redeem I then would be able to have made somewhere close to $1000 more since January then I have. And even making $100 more each month or $300 more then I did would help me out a great deal!


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