Thinking Of Blog Topics

So I really need to sit down and think off some blog topics that I would like to do. Because I will need to try and earn the max amount of points that I am able to here on blogjob each day. Which would be around 1200 points daily until Friday. Or up to 24 blog posts monday through friday of this week.

So considering that is over 100 blog posts that I will be writing and possibly even a little bit less if I end up earning more points doing various social tasks. But It would more then likely be best if I think of some blog topics that I would like to write about.

I am thinking for one Blog topic that I want to write about would be about my Tad earning reports for the last couple of weeks. I had written briefly about my earnings on Tad for the very first week. But I would like to go more in depth detail about my earnings for both the second and third week that I have been on the Tad app as a YouTuber.

I have already gotten my second report on Tad last week and should get my next or third report sometime tomorrow. Normally I get it before the afternoon on Monday.

I would also like to discuss more about my Youtube channels, what it is like being a youtuber. Youtuber tips and other things such as that.

And those are only just a couple of things that I would like to write about. I will have to sit down and really plan and come up with some great ideas for what I will be blogging about. If any of you guys have a suggestion on what I could write about please feel free to let me know in the comments down below.

I think that I am going to end up calling it a night tonight. I have been working hard and I am getting so tired.

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