Rude Obnoxious Neighbors

So my upstairs neighbors that I have now have been by far the worst that I have ever had. I almost want to see if it would be possible for me to move to a 3rd floor apartment as I live in a second floor one right now. This would eliminate any issues that I have or at least most I would hope.

The only downside to that is that more then likely my apartment would keep my security deposit for this current apartment that I have been renting for a while which is around $1000 or so if I remember correctly. And then I would imagine that I would be charged another $1000 or so for another security deposit for another 3rd floor apartment.

My upstairs neighbors will stomp around there apartment quite a lot. And most often after 11 at night in the bedroom for several hours. Then there alarm will go off and they hit snooze several times. And then they proceed to stomp around some more at 4 or so in the morning. They use to run there washer, dryer and often times there dishwasher as well at 4:30 am or so.

Luckily at least that has stopped but not the stomping. I tried asking if they would mind keeping it down during quiet hours. I got 3pm isn’t quite hours its when most people clean as a response. No I was talking about after midnight and what have you and I doubt “most people clean at 3” Since many have regular jobs. lol

Well shortly after I got a response from the office that 3 isn’t quite hours even though I told my not too bright neighbors that I had meant 12 at night lol. And to call security if they were making noises beyond “living noises” lol.

I have called the office about the alarm and that was dismissed I would imagine stomping would be no different. lol. So pretty much my apartment is saying tough to me and that is rather frustrating to say the least.

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