Reaching My Daily Point Limit

Here on blogjob we are given certain point limits that we are able to reach. We are able to do additional tasks to get more point limits. We are also given limits to each thing that we do on here as well. In addition to blogging we are able to earn points for other tasks as well.

We are able to do various social type tasks within the site, blogjob to earn points. Though there are certain limits on those things. For example we are able to be rewarded one point for joining a group on here. But we are only rewarded up to 3 times or 3 points for joining 3 groups each day.

I ended up reaching the earning limit here though I haven’t reached my allowed point limit just yet. I am able to earn up to 1200 points per day here. Though I have maxed out the available points to earn by doing various other social tasks here today aside from writing blog posts and creating new groups.

We get 50 points per blog post that we write here on blogjob and 2 points for each group that we create. Both those task don’t have any limits as long as we haven’t reached our daily point limit that we have. I have written and created forum topics. We get up to 10 points for creating new forum topics and I think 25-26 points for replying to different forum topics already created which I have already done.

We get 25 points for approving comments on our blog, and also 25 points for commenting on posts and updates and what not here as well as 25 points for writing a comment on different groups. All of those things I have done. So right now I am mainly going to be focusing on blogging.

I have until 11 tonight about an hour and a half to finish writing and earning points here.

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